Life Is Strange Is Already Available on Android, the First Episode is Free

Finally, owners of Android-devices can now appreciate the exciting interactive story from Square Enix.

Last month, Square Enix announced that Life is Strange will be released on Android in July. And now, without any official announcements, the interactive game finally appeared on Google Play.

Life Is Strange
Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is the story of a girl named Max Caulfield, who discovers the ability to control time. She uses her power to save her best friend, but the changes of the past have devastating consequences in the future. The game offers several different endings, depending on which path the user chooses.

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Android version of Life is Strange has received full support for controllers. There is also a photo mode that allows players to take pictures during the game and share them on social networks.

Life is Strange is divided into five episodes. The first is available for free, the rest can be purchased for $8.99. There is an opportunity to buy each episode separately for $4.99, while the second is now offered at a good discount – only $0.99.

Life is Strange released in 2015 on PCs and consoles and entered the top 100 most sold games on Steam in 2016. As of May 2017, a total of 3 million copies were sold. This fall is expected a sequel to the game called Before the Storm.

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