Kodi Screensavers: Best Kodi Screensavers You Should Know!

Kodi Screensavers

Do you guys use Kodi Screensavers? However, this is not as common on computers as they once were. A screensaver is still used extensively on larger displays. This is with Kodi often being connected to our TV set. Also, it is not a surprise that the screensavers are also available for the platform. So, We have tried many, if not all, of the Kodi screensavers. Also, we could find to bring you our top screensavers. So, They are either the most beautiful ones or the most useful.

Also, we will start just by discussing screensavers in general, what they are how they came to be and what is their true usefulness nowadays. So, We will also tell you about the two built-in Kodi screensavers. These are those that are also installed by default with each Kodi 17 installation. In the next step, we will also introduce you to some common settings of all screensavers. Now, before showing you where to find additional screensavers and also how to install them. Also, We have kept the best for last so we will finally present you our top screensavers. So, their features and their specific settings.

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To Protect Yourself While Using Kodi–Use a VPN:

In case, if you want to keep what you are doing to yourself. Also, we strongly recommend that you can also use a VPN whenever you use Kodi. Also, it will keep you away from the scrutiny of your ISP and also prevent them. You have to take unnecessary action if they suspect you and it may be violating their terms and conditions. Also, as an additional benefit, by using a VPN that will allow you to access geo-blocked content (such as another country’s Netflix). This is by spoofing your location by using VPN servers located all around the globe.

Now, there are many VPN suppliers on the market just by making it a daunting task and also to pick the best one. Between, the most important factors to consider a fast connection speed. This will also prevent buffering, a no-logging policy that will further protect your privacy. There are no usage restrictions and will also let you access any content at full speed. Also, it is available software for multiple platforms and will also ensure it works with your device.

Explain Screensaver And Why Would I Need One?

A Screensaver first appears in the late ’70s to early ’80s as a mean. You have to reduce phosphor burn-in on CRT displays. Also, Back then and most of the computer monitors were also monochrome and also displayed text (usually white, green, or amber) on a black background. Now, These monitors were also quite susceptible to a phenomenon. Then where their phosphor coating would be altered. If you will display the static content and also create a “ghost” effect on the screen.

Also, The very first screensavers were simple programs that just blacked the screen out. When a predetermined time without any activity. So, With the advent of graphical user interfaces. A screensaver also evolves into graphical programs. Most of them, designed to be used in an office context, tried to break the monotony of the office environment. Just by offering whimsical animations as screensavers.

Having A pioneer in this field was After Dark who will become famous thanks to their Macintosh–and then Windows–screensaver. Also to display the flying toasters. So, Anyone who was using computers in the early ’90s will also remember these.

The Usefulness of Screensavers On Modern Displays:

So, most displays are LCD rather than CRT and then they don’t suffer from the phosphor burn-in that plagued older displays. Now, there are still some Plasma TVs that will also show some degree of burn-in. Then it is not as bad as it was on older displays. You can also use the screensavers today? Using the computers, screensavers are also mostly a security feature as they usually require a user to re-enter his password and also to exit the screensaver. Using media players and set-top boxes. Now, their primary use is as eye candy or to present some useful information.

What is The Built-in Kodi Screensavers:

This is Out of the box, a Kodi also comes with two built-in screensavers, Black and Dim. Now, The completely blank and very first thing and the screen after an adjustable number of minutes of inactivity. So, The Dim screensaver is also similar but it only dims the screen rather than blanking it. Also, the amount by which the screen is also dim and is also adjustable. Now, This is also the last one and is also the one that is active by default on a standard Kodi installation.

A Common KODI Screensavers Settings:

So, You can also adjust the screensaver settings on Kodi by first going to the Settings screen. Now, You can also access it just by clicking the small gear icon that is available at the top left of the Kodi home screen.

Kodi Screensavers


Then you have to click on the Interface settings and also select Screensaver in the left pane. Using The first line, a Screensaver mode, is also where you select your screensaver. Then More about this is a little while. Now, The second line Settings will also allow you to access the current screensaver’s specific settings. A Preview is also used to see what is the screensaver looks like. Now, this is also very useful and also to verify that your custom settings. So, as you expect them to be. Also, Wait time is used to set the delay of inactivity before the screensaver starts.

Now, To Use visualization if playing audio option will cause the screensaver. You have to replace this with the current visualization whenever music is being played. Also, The last option, you have to Use dim if paused during video playback. This will cause the current screensaver to be replaced just by the Dim screensaver. Now, whenever a video playback is paused. So, this is, obviously, not available if Dim is the selected screensaver.

Ways to Install:

By Installing screensavers that could hardly be easier. Now You can also start from the Screensaver settings screen. Then Click on the Screensaver mode. Having a list of the currently installed screensavers will appear.

Kodi Screensavers

Then you have to Click on the Get more… button that is available at the top right corner. You have to access the list of all available screensavers.

Now, Scroll down the list, and then find the one if you want to install and just click it. So, The selected screensaver will also install and also activate.

In case, if you have mistakenly installed the wrong screensaver. You just have to go back to the list and also install the right one. Now, there is no easy way to remove screensavers in Kodi.

The Screensavers For Kodi:

So, We have chosen our top screensavers based on several criteria. Also, Between them and was their popularity. This is also very hard to measure a screensaver’s popularity, though. Now, We also relied on how much they were talking about in forums. You can also be figuring that the most popular screensavers were also the most talked about. Now, This could be misleading as there could be lots of talk about how bad a screensaver is. So, We have tried to only consider positive comments to evaluate screensavers’ popularity.

So, this is Another important criterium that was the beauty of the screensavers. Then, After all, this is one of the primary use of screensaver these days is as eye candy. Now, Don’t we all love to have that large screen prominently featured in our living rooms. Also, display some beautiful images? Now, your TV’s unused screen then becomes part of your decor. It will also provide you and display a beautiful image.

This is Another criterium that we considered and it was the usefulness of the screensavers. Now, For instance, there are a few of our top selections to display some form of a clock. The other one also pulls news feeds from the Internet and also displays them on the screen.

A Slideshow Kodi Screensavers:


So, The Slideshow screensaver is possibly one of the most popular. Then its name implies, that this screensaver, whenever activated, and will also display a slideshow of images. Now, You have three options as the source of the images. Then you can also use the fanart images from your video library. So, you can use the fanart images from your music library or you can also use images from a configurable folder. This is where you can put any images you want to appear in the slideshow.

Now, the Slideshow screensaver has a lot of configurable settings such as the possibility. You have to display images in random order or scale them to fullscreen. This will also optionally display the image’s names and dates. So, You can also choose from three different transition effects, pan, and zoom, crossfade, or slide, and set the number of seconds This is between 1 and 60 and to also display each image.

Th google Earth View Kodi Screensaver:

So, Google Earth probably needs no introduction. Then it is an application that will allow one to view the Earth from outer space using satellite technology. Also, to results that are often breathtaking images. Now, The Google Earth view screensaver also displays a slideshow of seemingly random satellite images of the Earth.

In this case, this screensaver does not have as many settings as the previous one. So, The first setting is to Update Images. Also, it is an important one as it will also allow you to refresh the images that the screensaver will use. You have to Click it from time to time and will ensure that your picture bank is renewed. After that, The Animate Image option will also cause the display to use a pan-and-zoom effect, making it less static. You have to Note if the last option, Display Time & Weather will only display weather info. In case, if you have a weather source configured in Kodi.

The System 47 Star Trek LCARS:

Also, This is one is for Star Trek lovers. This will also display an animated picture that will closely resemble that of the Star Trek LCARS. This is an acronym for “Library Computer Access and Retrieval System”. Also, this is the primary computer system in the universe of Star Trek’s Starfleet and Federation. Now, The display is also quite realistic and complete. It is even this has annoying sound effects.

So, this is as far as settings go. Then this one is certainly on the short side. Now, this will only have two configurable items. Also, The very first one, a Random Strat Position will determine if the screensaver animation always starts at the same point or at random. Now, The second option is also used to download the whole animation file to your device. You have to note that the file is 1.2 GB in size. To Download it could take some time and use up some Internet bandwidth. Alternatively, having it pre-downloaded and will also cut down on the bandwidth requirements every time it kicks in.

An Aerial Kodi Screensavers:

So, This one is also possible that it is one of the best looking screensavers ever, on any platform. Now, it does nothing but displays aerial videos of major world landmarks. Then the videos are of such high quality that they almost feel like 3D. Also, this has videos of Hawaii, London, New York, San Francisco, China, Dubai, Greenland, Los Angeles, Liwa, and Hong Kong.

Now, this is not as options-rich as some other screensavers. Also, you can still have considerable control over its operation. This is for instance, under the Aerial Screensavers tab. A  Time of day for video setting allows you to display only day videos, night videos, all videos, or to use the smart feature. Also, this will display day videos during the day and night videos during the night. Now, the Videos tab will also allow you to enable or disable videos from each location. So, the Offline mode tab also allows you to download the videos to a local folder of your choice.

The Qlock:

So, This one is yet another clock screensaver that is bit it is a clock with a twist. Now, This screensaver also uses the Qlock add-on to display a letter matrix clock. So, We could also spend hours trying to explain what the display looks like. Now, from an image, it is worth a thousand words, here’s how the clock looks on the screen.

Also, you will like it or not is a matter of personal taste. As we have decided to include it for two reasons. The first one is different from other clocks, and two. So, it is one of the only screensavers that has no settings whatsoever. Now, the Kodi Screensaver mode is set to QLock Screensaver, the settings item is greyed out.

A Bing Photos of the Week:

So, This screensaver is also one that we include simply. Just because of the sheer beauty of the images it displays. Now, it uses the Bing Photos of the week and will also display them as its screensaver images. A Words that are not enough. You have to describe some of these images. So, This is certainly using one of our favorite screensavers.

Also, as far as settings go, it does not have much with only three adjustable parameters. To Rotate Image Every and also define that how long each image is displayed. Now, this can also go from 30 to 240 seconds in 30 seconds increments. To Randomize this will also cause the order of the images to be randomized. If off, then the sequence of images will always be the same. Now, The last setting is to Animate, and will also cause the displays to use a pan and zoom feature.

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A Feedreader Screensaver:


So This is the last one that is possibly the most useful screensaver. This is What it does is display news from up to 7 configurable RSS feeds. Now, the main drawback is that the display is not exactly what we’d call pretty. But the fact is that it is also pretty basic. Most of the news has images and some have none.

Also, As far as settings are concerned, also other than the different configurable feeds. So, this has one that doesn’t have many.  A Time that determines how long each news item is displayed. Now, It can also vary from 4 to 160 seconds. You can also Sort by determines the sort order of the news items. So, we haven’t been able to figure what each setting was, though. The Debug mode will also cause the screensaver to write more events to the system log. Just by helping in debugging issues. Usually, you would also leave this one-off.

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A Screensaver may not be as necessary as they once were but most people can still use them. So, we have introduced this to what we believe to be the best Kodi screensavers. Also, Our selection was based on predefined criteria that will allow. It also includes examples of pretty much all the screensaver types.

Did you ever use a screensaver? In case, if you do, which one is it, and also why did you choose that one over the others? So, We will like to hear from our readers, share your thoughts using the comments below.

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