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Computer technology used to be good to be a real concept. But over the years, it has continued to evolve to keep up with current needs. With the increase in crime around the world, people today are looking for ways to protect their family, home, society and business. Keye App is one of the answers you may be looking for. What is it Why is it important? These are just some of the questions that are answered here.

Keye App is an application specially designed for live streaming. This means that it is now possible to show live broadcasts of CCTV cameras on your PC, laptop, Android phone, and/or tablet. This application basically connects the hardware and software. Anyone can download it for free provided they have one of the devices listed above.

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About Keye App:

The Keye application has two main functions: IPC (interprocess communication) and DVR (digital video recorder). The first allows users to connect the camera device to Android phones and control various commands and activities, while the second records all the camera’s videos and stores them on an SD card for later viewing.

The Keye application offers many functions. With the playback function, users can easily play videos that have already been recorded. All of the records videos are saved in the application. Users can see them at any time. The videos are playing through a built-in video player. In addition, users can also take screenshots of this application.

If the camera has an intercom function, Keye supports users in two-way communication. In addition, users can also listen to the sound of the video. Keye comes with a warning and notification function. With this function, users receive notifications in the application when movement or facial recognition detects you in the camera video. In summary, we can say that this is an application that allows users to watch live streaming of the camera through an Internet connection.

How to download Keye App for PC (Windows and Mac):

The Keye application could be downloaded by anyone for free. It is easy to find in the app stores for your device. Whenever you have devices such as tablets and phones that support it, you can download it.

Phase 1

  • Connect the camera to the desired location in your workplace, on the street or at home.
  • You must now connect the camera to a WLAN.

Phase 2

  • Download and install Nox Android Emulator on your computer.
  • Execute the Nox configuration following the instructions on the screen.
  • Then look for the Nox icon on your computer and enter your Gmail account so Google Play can activate on your device.
  • Return to the home page and enter the words “Keye App” where there is a search option.
  • When you find the application icon, right-click to install it on your computer.
  • Keye PC installation may take some time.
  • Then navigate to the home page and select the “My application” option.
  • Now that the Keye application appears, simply click on it.

When you are doing these two phases of installing the Keye application, you can now use the services. You will always receive live broadcasts from the cameras you already installed in your home.


The good news is that users can also use Keye for PC. Yes, this is now possible through third-party Android emulators. These emulators include the Google Play feature, so you can download Keye for PC as an Android device. Below is a simple guide to download and install Keye on a Windows and Mac PC.

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