Just like any other job application we also have a set of criteria and procedures that are needed to be met before we entertain any application. One of the starters is the Command of the English language is a must and your major evaluation will be based on how good you are in it. You will be asked to provide sample writing and any grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors will result in immediate rejection of your application.

Check-List for your application

Read the below-mentioned check-list carefully and supply accordingly.

  1. A Brief Introduction starting with your full name, educational background, and your objectives for working with us.
  2. State any past experiences working on a technology blog if any. This includes articles on other websites. Relevant links will be needed to verify authenticity.
  3. Experience working on or using Operating Ecosystems like IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, etc. Mention things like
    • The devices that you have used in the past and current, the programs that you have installed and worked with, etc.
    • Familiarity with rooting and flashing firmwares in case of Android OS etc.
    • Familiarity with the jailbreak in case of IOS etc.
  1. Tell us the time you are willing to spend in a week for AllAboutOS (you can define weekdays and weekends separately). Keep in mind we are looking for motivated professionals who will uphold their terms and provide the amount of work asked on a weekly basis. There is no specific minimum work hour limit.

If you have read the above-mentioned points and believe yourself to be the right guy for this job then send us your application at: contact(at)

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