iPhone 7 Plus Survived After Falling From 300 Meters

Two women were incredibly lucky: their smartphones experienced a fall from 300 meters to the grass and from 137 meters to the asphalt.

Over the past week, at least a few people accidentally dropped their iPhone 7 Plus from a great height: one woman dropped the smartphone by sticking it out of the window of a small private airplane (resembling “Corn”) and the other did not hold the “apple” gadget during the self- shooting at one of the highest rides in Orlando (Florida, USA). Surprisingly, both smartphones survived.

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus

Judging by the video published on YouTube, the woman was filming what was happening on one of the attractions height of 137 meters. At one point, she accidentally touched the chain swing, because of what the smartphone fell out of hand. The front camera of the device did not shut down and worked until the gadget was picked up – the video clearly shows how many times the iPhone turned in the air.

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Another case of the fall of the iPhone from a great height was told by the WHO-TV news agency. Another woman, flying on a small plane 300 meters above the ground, decided to stick the smartphone out of the window and shoot the landscape from a bird’s eye view. As expected, this idea was not particularly good: strong gusts of the wind knocked the gadget out of hand.

Upon arrival home, the woman tried to find the device using the system function “Find the iPhone”, but this was not successful. Knowing the approximate location of the smartphone, she called it – and the gadget was found. As it turned out, he did not receive any damage (perhaps due to falling on a relatively soft surface – grass).

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