Install Realme USB Drivers on Windows OS

Download Latest Oppo Realme USB Drivers and MediaTek drivers for Free. Then install Realme USB Drivers manually on Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and XP. Basically, a Realme USB Driver is a software program that helps the computer to recognize your Realme smartphone when connected through USB cable. In fact, these drivers allow the transfer of files between a PC and a smartphone. You can also install the SP flash tool and use it to install Realme Stock ROM firmware.

RealMe usb driver

Most importantly, with the help of Realme USB drivers, you can easily connect your device to PC and flash unofficial Realme custom ROM. Moreover, you can also Root Realme device and install flash kernels, TWRP recovery, mods like Xposed framework, etc. In particular, these USB drivers will work on any Oppo Realme smartphone. Do you want to download USB drivers for Realme 1? OR Do you want to download USB drivers for the Realme series? Then you are in the right place. This guide will help you to install manually Realme USB drivers on any Oppo Realme Android device.

Are you not able to copy files from phone to PC? Are you facing connection error and your Android phone is not recognized by a computer? There are many reasons why your computer does not recognize your Android smartphone or tablet when connected via USB cable. Sometimes, it gives an error like:

      • USB device not recognized
      • PC not recognizing Android phone
      • USB device not detected but charging

Whenever such a thing happens, a standard solution for each connection problem is to install the latest USB drivers of that particular mobile brand.

When you re-install or update the USB driver, the device is immediately recognized by the computer. Sometimes, it is always difficult to find the exact USB driver for your Android mobile. Every Android device requires a different USB driver.

Oppo Realme works on four major drivers. These include:

  • CDC driver
  • VCOM driver
  • Qualcomm driver
  • ADB
  • fastboot driver

oppo realme

Although some Realme phones do not require all of these drivers at once. But it is good to install them to avoid any inconvenience. Interested users may proceed to our easy s detailed installation guide for the latest Oppo Realme USB Drivers.


The USB Drivers mentioned below belong to the respective brand. If a specific USB driver does not work for you, then kindly visit the official website of Oppo Realme. We will not be held liable for any damage. Proceed with caution.

Procedure to Install Realme USB Drivers:


1: Download CDC Driver.

2: Now extract the downloaded driver on your PC.

3: Open Control Panel settings on your PC, and launch Device Manager.

4: Click on your Computer Name in the Device Manager window.

5: Click on the Actions tab icon in the Device Manager. From the list of options, click on Add legacy hardware.

Note: This option will not appear unless you perform 4.

6: Click on Next from the popup window.

7: In the next window, choose the second option i.e. Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) and then click on Next.

8: Now choose Show All Devices and click on Next.

9: Click on Have Disk from the popup window. Then browse and select the CDC driver from the extracted folder.

10: After selecting the CDC driver, click Next to start the hardware installation process.

11: A Windows security prompt will appear. Then click on Install this driver software anyway option.

It will take hardly a few minutes to complete the installation process.

12: As soon as the process completes, the following window will appear. Just click on Finish.

13: Download VCOM Driver.

14: Extract this downloaded driver on your PC.

15: Now perform (3 to 8) steps given above.

16: Then click on Have Disk option and select VCOM driver from the extracted folder.

17: After choosing the VCOM driver, tap on Next to start the installation process.

18: Now click Install this driver software anyway in the Windows security prompt window.

19: Click on Finish after the installation completes.

20: Download Qualcomm Driver.

21: Extract this downloaded driver on your PC.

22: Right mouse clicks the Qualcomm driver setup and Run it as Administrator.

23: Then choose WWAN-DHCP is not used to get the IPAddress option and click Next.

24: On the next page, read the license agreement. Then click on Next.

25: Simply click on Install to start the installation of Qualcomm USB driver.

Calm down and wait until it completes.

26: Upon completion, the following message will appear. Just click on Finish.

27: Download ADB drivers.

28: Extract this downloaded driver on your PC.

29: Now implement 3 to 8 steps given above.

30: Then click on Have Disk option and select ADB driver from the extracted folder.

31: Click on Next to start the installation process.

32: If in case the Windows security prompt window popup, click Install this driver software anyway option.

Wait until the installation finishes.

33: Click on Finish after the installation completes.


Finally! This is how you can install Realme USB drivers on your Windows PC.  If you still face any issues during this process, then do comment below without hesitation. I’ll be glad to help you out.

Till then Spread Love and Keep Smiling.
Peace out! ✌

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