Instagram launched a Separate Service for Vertical Video

Even relatively recently, the vertical video was considered bad form. Now, this format of shooting is a modern trend, which popularized such services as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. The latter, by the way, went even further and launched a new application IGTV exclusively for vertical video content of up to an hour.


At yesterday’s press conference, Instagram representatives reported on a new record – the audience of the service at the moment is more than a billion people. In honor of this event, Instagram launches a separate platform called IGTV, where users can publish vertical video clips with a maximum duration of one hour. In fact, this is a challenge to another popular service – YouTube. By the way, many bloggers have already agreed to switch to IGTV on the background of the rather ambiguous policy of the YouTube management.

Videos published in IGTV can also be viewed through the main Instagram application. Now the service is not so much content, but it is expanding very fast. There are channels, subscriptions, recommendations and the section “Popular”. As in Instagram, you can keep your posts, send them to Direct and leave comments under them.

Via: Theverge

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