In Fallout 76 you can Build a Shelter and Fight in a team

At the E3 2018 presentation, Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 76 will be a multiplayer game. However, all the dreams of the fans broke down about their own ideas of developers – no you “royal battle” and online in a few hundred people on one server. Only 32 people can play in one session, which, when taking into account a huge virtual world, reduces frequent meetings to nothing. This caused a wave of indignation among connoisseurs of Fallout, and even in all official commercials, we were shown deserted lands and singles studying the terrain. Fortunately, the new video demonstrates a completely different side of the project.

Fallout 76
Fallout 76

First, in the video, we are shown a system of buildings. Yes, you can create your own shelter and equip it as much as the soul desires. However, to name the construction of “shelter” is problematic, because in the same video every second monster destroys houses with incredible ease. Some dwellings are located on mountain slopes or on the edge of cliffs, right on open terrain. It looks like a picnic in nature, only around mutants Shasta. The developers note that to build their homes better in the company with friends, then it will be faster and more reliable. The construction system itself is very similar to Rust or Conan Exiles.

Fighting monsters is also better in a team of four people. Employees Bethesda at the exhibition said that the Fallout 76 is suitable for singles, but you can defeat the big enemies only with a detachment, and you also need to act cohesively and accurately. Each player must perform his role in the battle, which tells us about the division into character classes. This video gave a lot of food for thought, which could not be said about previous announcements. Now the players have at least an approximate understanding of what Fallout 76 is, and what will need to be done there.

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