If ‘Doom’ Fell Short, This Artificial Intelligence Generates Infinite Levels

For 25 years Doom has conquered our screens and consolidated the FPS genre forever, but for some, it had a problem: it was too short, it ended too fast. That will no longer happen with this artificial intelligence system that is capable of generating levels for this legendary game. Two neural networks with deep learning have ‘learned’ 1,000 existing levels to then do their job: invent a lot of new levels. How many? All that you want.


New levels of Doom learning from old levels

The researchers in charge of this project made little change in the data entry, and confirmed the logical conclusion: “choosing the set of levels to train the artificial intelligence system allows to affect the quality and characteristics of the levels generated.” AI mimics what it has seen, of course.

For those responsible for the study this development can be the basis of a tool that helps game developers. So, they can create more and better levels in their video games. Something that could save them time to work “at a higher level of abstraction”.

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These systems seem an interesting alternative to that clear trend in certain video games. In which the procedural generation of content is used as maps of enormous dimensions.

The project repository is available on GitHub. And its advances can be applied to strategy games or RPGs as well as racing tracks in driving games. New levels for platform games or even maps and weapons for FPS games such as those we use. Conquered 25 years ago or those who continue to do so today.

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Via: Digitaltrends

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