iDMSS Lite & Plus For PC, Windows & Mac- Free Download

This application iDMSS Lite & Plus is not the best monitoring tool, but it is one of them. We recently told our viewers about iDMSS lite for PC. Today we are discussing the update version of iDMSS Plus. It is a fantastic tool for smartphones that shows us live CCTV images directly on the smartphone screen. We cannot always carry the LCD and DVR screens with us. Therefore, smartphone applications can be useful for monitoring videos anywhere in the world.

iDMSS Plus offers high-quality video and surveillance services. If your cameras are updated, this application shows you everything that is available and moves in front of the connected IP cameras. Not suitable for professional and exclusive use. This application is only useful for small businesses and home security camera users. Keep an eye on your domestic workers, babies, pets and employees at work. For information only: iDMSS Lite and iDMSS Plus are available on Android with the names gDMSS Lite and gDMSS Plus. The instructions for downloading and installing gDMSS lite for PC and gDMSS HD Lite for PC are already included in Droids PC.

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IDMSS Plus functions::

  • iDMSS Plus offers all the functions that other renowned monitoring tools offer you.
  • For informational purposes and to clarify what benefits users can expect after downloading iDMSS Plus for PC.
  • Note that all additional functions of the monitoring tools depend on the camera model used.
  • Motion detection is an important feature of this application.
  • During the shutdown time, the sensors will notify you through the application when motion is detected when something is in front of the cameras.
  • Fortunately, iDMSS offers cloud storage to its users.
  • Now users can keep the backup of recordings.
  • You do not have to load the internal memory of smartphones or laptops.
  • iDMSS Plus can be connected to several cameras at the same time. Each camera receives its own video tab in iDMSS Plus.

To Download and Install iDMSS Plus for PC:

Users can find many Android emulators on the Internet.  The GeeksForPC team always tries to bring the best & also help you achieve your goals. That’s why we chose BlueStacks of the best Android emulators available for Windows. It is the most stable Android emulator ever developed. Stable, fast and efficient workers force us to choose this emulator. To install iDMSS Plus for PC, you must download and also install BlueStacks on Windows and Mac. Instructions for installing BlueStacks on Windows are also available on this site. Now you can download the latest version of Rooted BlueStacks 2019. Or also visit the official website to download the latest version.

1. After downloading BlueStacks, install it on the PC. Double-click the downloaded file BlueStacks_Setup.EXE.

2. Grant the necessary permissions and click on the Run option. The file size is quite large and exceeds 400 MB. Therefore, the installation takes a few minutes.

3. Select the language when prompted. Enter your Google account (mandatory). Click on the “Create new account” option.

4. After completing the procedures, you will be directed to the home screen of the emulator. Here you see a Google Play Store icon, click on it. Search for the iDMSS Plus.


In fact, the iDMSS application is for iOS devices. Official application developers have also developed the gDMSS Plus application for Android. gDMSS Plus on Android corresponds to iDMSS on iOS. Sorry, In case You can get iDMSS Plus for PC through Android emulators. If you still want to get the only iDMSS Plus on a laptop or desktop computer, try the iOS emulator. If you have changed your plan, visit our tutorial to install gDMSS Plus instead of iDMSS.

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