How to Install & Setup iCloud for Windows PC

iCloud can be used on a Windows PC. As it is particularly useful and helpful to iPhone and iPad users who have a PC but not a Mac. Or Mac users who have installed Windows 10 in Boot Camp. And for those who have both Windows and Mac computers, and they want to be able to access all of their iCloud content through the PC or other Apple devices.

This includes the ability to access iCloud:

  • Drive
  • Photos
  • iCloud data syncing like
    • contacts
    • emails
    • and bookmarks
    • and much more…

In our guide, we’ll discuss how to download, install, and set up iCloud for Windows.

How to Install & Setup iCloud for Windows PC

Using iCloud for Windows is available for Windows 7/10 or later, so if it is the earlier Windows version then it likely won’t be compatible with iCloud.

Step 1:

First, download the iCloudSetup.exe for Windows installer. For Windows 10 and later, you can download it directly from Microsoft Store for free, otherwise, you can get it from Apple.

Step 2:

If the file doesn’t launch automatically then locate the iCloudSetup.exe file through Windows File Explorer and launch it directly.

Step 3:

Go through the process of installing iCloud for Windows on the PC, then reboot the computer when it is finished

Step 4:

iCloud for Windows should be open automatically upon reboot. If not go to the Start menu then choose Apps > Programs > iCloud.

Step 5:

Then Log in with your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud on Windows.


Step 6:

Select the iCloud features you want to enable (iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Mail, Contacts, & Calendar, Bookmarks, Notes, etc), then click Apply


All Done! Now you have iCloud set up and installed in Windows, and you’ll be able to access the iCloud features you enabled and plan on using on the Windows PC.

Installing iCloud on PC:

If you’re an iPhone owner with a Windows PC, then you should go through the process of installing iCloud on the PC. When you’ll gain access to syncing features like iCloud Photos and iCloud Drive that wouldn’t be available otherwise in Windows.

Running Windows in Boot Camp on a Mac:

But if you’re an iPhone or iPad user with a Windows PC, or running Windows in Boot Camp on a Mac. Then remember the computer has the latest version of iTunes installed on it too. And keep that app up to date so that you can always sync your device with Windows at any time.

While iCloud features are built-in to macOS. But in Windows, you’ll need to install, download and set up iCloud for PC separately. Except that many features are available to Windows users as they are to Mac, so don’t ignore a Windows PC as it works just fine with iPhone and iPad.


Did you set up, download or install iCloud in Windows? Share your experiences, thoughts, and opinions in the comment section below!

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