How would Windows 11 look like? Concept design

We are all used to the new Windows 10 design called Fluent Design. Microsoft is developing this direction and this is more noticeable in the version of Windows 10 1803, where even more interface elements received a new design solution. Designer Kamer Kaan Avdan presented his vision for the next version of Windows with the predominance of Fluent Design – Windows 11.

The author of this video has revised the interface in the direction of more smooth and rounded forms. The Explorer application is updated and presented in UWP format, combining libraries, cloud storage, and the file system together with a convenient and simple interface.

Standard applications have also been updated with a slight bias in the Metro interface (Mail application). The weather widget displays more understandable and convenient information about the temperature and natural phenomena of your city.

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How could the Welcome screen of Windows 11 look like in the author’s vision:

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