How to Use Multiple Languages on Android Keyboard at the Same Time

Many users write regularly in two or more languages. In the case of Spain, it is very common due to the presence of co-official languages in each region, but in many countries, it is common to speak several languages indistinctly. Today we bring you a small tutorial to adapt the keyboard of your Android to several languages, to be able to write English and Spanish at the same time, Spanish and Catalan, Spanish and Basque, French and English … or any combination that uses the same alphabet.

We have chosen the four most popular Android keyboards: Google GBoard keyboard, Swiftkey, and Flesky. But this function should be present on most keyboards in our system.

Android Keyboard
Android Keyboard Language

It is not necessary to change the default language each time, keyboards allow writing in several languages, they will even offer us correct suggestions according to what we are typing. We live in a multicultural world, each keyboard application has its secrets but most allow you to change and have two or more languages at the same time.

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[appbox googleplay]

GBoard is the keyboard of Google of all the life, the one that usually comes from a defect in many mobiles. We will start with it since in addition to being one of the most complete it also allows you to write in several languages in a simple way and at the same time without any kind of problem.

What do we have to do to set up different languages? Very easy. The first step is to add the languages we want to use. To do this, go to Settings> Language and introduction> Language> Add a language. Here we download the languages we want the mobile phone to understand, nothing happens by choosing additional languages and then we will mark the ones we want to use at any time.

Next step. From Language and Introduction> GBoard> Languages we mark the languages to be used. We will already have adapted GBoard but we also recommend activating a pair of keys so that the exchange of languages is more practical. In preferences we will activate “Show key to change language”: it is a circle of the world that appears next to the space bar that when you press it will change the language.

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[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey]

Swiftkey has a very similar operation to GBoard. The first step is to add the languages, for this we have to go to Language and introduction> Swiftkey Keyboard> Languages> All languages and download the ones we want. From that same menu will be where we activate them to integrate them into the keyboard.

At the time of writing is very simple since the keyboard itself detects the language that we will be writing and will create suggestions based on the language that we are typing. Very comfortable. Also if we keep pressing the spacebar will allow us to change the language, but come on, although we have marked for example English we can write in Spanish or Catalan and it will be detected quickly for suggestions.

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[appbox googleplay com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard]

Language and introduction> Flesky> Side menu> Languages and there we will download the languages we want. Some languages are in beta, but the most used languages work 100%. To change the language on the keyboard, we must slide the space bar to the side. There is also the option to keep the emoji face pressed and there we will access the language change, but it is a slower method. The truth is that this last keyboard is the one with the least advanced multilingual support.

We hope you have found this small guide useful to change the language on the Android keyboard and use two or more languages at the same time on the mobile phone. Do you accustom to doing it? Do you know any additional tricks?

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