How to Stop Apple News Notification

Stop Apple News Notification: Are you receiving lots of announcements from Apple? For Apple products and services, Music and TV recommendations and other latest launches, and Apple News stories, it can all get to be a little much. However, you can also disable these types of notifications or select and choose whatever you want to keep receiving.

This guide shows you how to stop Apple notifications for announcements, offers, and much more.

Disable Apple Notifications on iPhone and iPad

It’s quite easy to disable these Apple notifications on iOS. You might not sure where to look.

Step 1:

Firstly, open your device Settings.

Step 2:

Also, Click your Apple ID at the top.

Step 3:

Now choose Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

Step 4:

At the bottom under Subscriptions, just switch off the toggles for Announcements, Apps, Music, TV, and More, and Apple News Updates.

You can also disable one or all three. However, depending on what you like to continue receiving. Also, these settings apply to your Apple ID, so you don’t have to make the change on every device.

Disable Apple notifications on Mac

If you happen to be on your Mac, you can also disable the notifications there as well.

Step 1:

Firstly, open your System Preferences with the icon in the Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 2:

At the top, tap Apple ID.

Step 3:

Choose Name, Phone, Email on the left.

Step 4:

On the right, just turn off the toggles for Announcements, Apps, Music, TV, and More, and Apple News Updates for those you no longer want to receive.


Apple announcements also come in handy. However, if you’re interested in new launches for music and shows or updates on Apple products. But if you think like you’re getting too many, you can then stop those you no longer want in just a few taps or clicks.

Here’s all about “Stop Apple News Notification”. Do you enjoy getting some Apple announcements or will you disable them all? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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