How to Set Alarms on the Google Clock with Spotify Music

If you are tired of using histrionic alarms or your wake up app does not just help you start the day, the Google Watch has just launched a feature to solve this problem: now it is possible to use Spotify music in the official Google app. An unexpected movement, and more having Youtube Music, but that will surely cheer up many people. Setting alarms using your favorite Spotify playlists is a simple task that we will explain step by step. Of course, you must have the latest version available on our Google Clock website.

Google Clock with Spotify Music

Wake up with Spotify and the Google Clock

Starting to use Spotify music as an alarm in the Google Clock is quite simple: we will create a new alarm, or we will choose one that we already have, and we will click on the bell icon with which we normally choose the tone of the alarm. Here a new tab of Spotify will appear in which we will be able to select the music. In the first place, the last discs and playlists that we have listened to appear, although if we go down we will find playlists curated by the Spotify team to use as alarms. By just touching the chosen one, it will already be selected as an alarm and we will be able to listen to a preview of the sound. Of course, the songs will sound in random order.

[appbox googleplay compact]

If we are not convinced by these playlists, we can always search for specific songs. We just have to touch the icon of the magnifying glass located in the lower right corner and enter the name we want. Whether it’s an artist, a song or a disc, the Spotify engine will do the rest. When we have already decided, we click on what we want and it will already be selected as an alarm.

[appbox googleplay Compact]

The use of Spotify does not imply any condition other than the usual one, so we can modify the rest of the parameters of the alarms in a traditional way: the vibration, the name, if we want it to be repeated … We will only have to wait for the time to arrive and we will listen to the music of Spotify that we have chosen. The screen will appear somewhat different from the usual since the art of Spotify music will fill the screen and at the bottom, we will see the name, as you can see in the screenshot that we have left you below.

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