How to See Twitch Chat Logs – User Guide

Twitch is still the largest streaming platform in the world and is used via up to 17 million people every day, both viewers and creators. In order for viewers in order to communicate with their favorite streamer. They mostly use chat, which is an important part of the whole Twitch experience for a reason. This is where feedback on current events is given and also creators can get an overview of what the current mood in the community is. Mostly, the streamers follow their chat more or less attentively and also try to respond to every comment. However, especially in larger communities, the chat can instantly become really confusing and as a streamer. You mostly lose the overview, especially when you are engrossed in a game. Just read this article to know all about How to See Twitch Chat Logs – User Guide

In order to get an insight into how the viewers reacted to some situations even after the heat of the moment. Twitch basically offers the Chat Log function. Here, you guys can take your time and reflectively analyze what was well received and what was not as well. The chat logs thus show the whole chat history of the respective broadcast! A great and helpful function that permits streamers in order to see critical comments that may have been overlooked. So you can work on yourself offline and prevent mistakes next time. In order to show you as a streamer how to deal with chat logs, we’ve put together this guide as well.

Why You Guys Should Check Twitch Chat Logs

Everyone can have their own reasons to check out Twitch chat logs.

  • Reviewing disciplinary actions: If you guys are a streamer or acting as a mod for one. You may also sometimes want to view if the punishment exacted upon a viewer is fair or not. Checking Twitch chat logs to verify what the viewer said or also did before punishment is a way in order to see if your moderators are being fair, or if the viewer was in the wrong.
  • Checking inappropriate entries: As Twitch is basically a platform anyone can join and enjoy anonymously. People can feel empowered to say whatever they want actually. Even if the streamer is unaware of what the chat is saying as well. Twitch may still see it as a violation of their Terms of Service (TOS) as well. Left unchecked, this might end up getting the streamer banned as well!
  • Seeing what the community is into: Going through your Twitch chat log is an excellent way to know what your audience actually likes, dislikes, and wants more of. It’s also a really good way to gauge what makes your audience engage more with you through chat. Teaching you how you can keep your chat alive all throughout the stream.
  • Gathering feedback: When streaming, you will always get feedback – good or bad – from your chat actually. Going through your chat logs and finding out what feedback you are receiving as well. Maybe someone mentioned your mic quality, or dropping frames, or simply encourage you in order to speak up more.

How to See Twitch Chat Logs – User Guide

Watch Your Vods

Your Twitch Videos (or Vods) are recordings of your stream basically. You guys can watch previous streams from beginning to end. They also include the entire chat log for your stream as they appeared during your stream. It’s not the most efficient way in order to view your chat logs, but it’s one way! Rather than going through the entire video, however, you can always scrub through. Then head o to the time of the comments you want to find.

Use Your Chatbot

Automated chatbots (like Nightbot and Streamlabs) help moderate and filter Twitch chats as well. They also come with extra features that can also help enhance your viewers’ experience in your chat.

Nightbot brings along with it a fully downloadable chat log. When it’s activated, Nightbot starts collecting chat logs that you can download and view on your own time as well. Don’t worry – Nightbot doesn’t really collect any personal information, just what folks are talking about in chat.

User Search Command

If you wish to see what a particular user said in your stream. Then you can use Twitch’s user search command. All you need is to type the following on the chatbox:

/user [username]

This should pull up the user’s profile, as well as also a log of all the chat messages they have sent during the stream.

Use third-party software

Chatty is basically a chat software created for Twitch, that mimics the look and feel of IRC clients of old. It can also run on Windows PCs or any other Java 8-enabled OS as well.

It supports many Twitch features such as Twitch emotes, subscriber badges, name colors, stream information, bot interaction, and much more. It permits you to join many channels at once through a tab function, set channel favorites, moderate via the platform. And also even get notified when the channels you follow are live too.

Can I View Other Streamers’ Chat Logs?

There is actually no way for you to view a streamer’s chat logs without their permission unless you guys scrub through their whole VOD. Twitch does not host its chat logs publicly, since it violates its own rules on data privacy. One such website that kept chat logs was actually OverRustle, which was pulled offline. They used to collect logs of all chats that were not set to private on Twitch streams basically.

Of course, this likely resulted in a few doxxing issues and also even stalking. That is why the move to close it off was a good idea. As of now, only streamers and also moderators have the authority to see the chat logs for videos in their own channels.


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