How To Print or Save Your Calendar as a PDF on Mac & iOS

Print and Save Calendar: While it’s excellent to have your appointments and events on your devices for easy and quick access. Once the time comes when you want to print your calendar. Or maybe you would like to save it so that you can share a physical copy later on.

You can save or print a calendar from the Calendar app as a PDF. Let’scome we’ll show you how to do this on both Mac and iOS.

Print Or Save Your Calendar As a PDF On Mac

On Mac, saving or printing a PDF your calendar is easy. Simply open your Calendar app and follow these steps.

Step 1:

Click File > Print.

Step 2:

Make your selections for the calendar view, time range, calendars, and other options like timed events, calendar keys, and text size.


Step 3:

Click Continue.

Step 4:

On the next screen, click the drop-down box on the bottom left and select Save as PDF.


Step 5:

Choose a location to save the PDF. Optionally, you can add or change the title, author, subject, and keywords.

Step 6:

Click Save.


And there you go! You’re a calendar and all of the options you picked should be in a nice and neat PDF document.

Print Or Save Your Calendar As a PDF On iPhone Or iPad

It’s not easy to print or save your calendar as a PDF on iOS. You’ll need a third-party app to do this. There are a few great apps you can try, both free and paid.

Print Calendar (Free)


If you would like to start with a free option, check out Print Calendar by VREApps (Free) for iPad and iPhone. This app lets you print in a few taps or send a PDF via email to yourself or someone else.

Download Print Calendar for free and allow easy access to your Calendar app. Click the gear icon to select your calendar options like the number of days to print, the day of the week to start, and whether you want to show locations and notes.

To print your calendar:
  • Click the Print button on the top right.
  • Select your printer
  • Then select the number of copies and the pages to print.
  • Tap Print.

To share a PDF of your calendar:

  • Click the Email button at the top.
  • Complete your email with the recipient, subject, and message as you normally would.
  • Tap Send.

Cal Printer ($2.99)


If you find that you’ll be saving or printing your calendar as a PDF often, then go for a paid app with more substantial features. A good one to take a look at is Cal Printer ($2.99) for iPad and iPhone.

You can print or send as PDFs both your reminders and calendars. The app lets you select the day, week, month, or list view. Pick the date range for your calendar and optionally include mini calendars and calendar keys.


Saving a physical copy of your calendar or printing it as a PDF is easy on iOS and Mac. Is this something that you’ve been wanting to do but weren’t sure how? And for iOS, is there anyother app you’d recommend for printing or saving a PDF of your calendar.

Share your views with us in the comment section below!

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