How to Play YouTube Videos with Screen Off

Play YouTube Videos with Screen Off: While having the latest mobile versions, we have many new amazing features. But, Also some features are removed to manage RAM and Battery. However, if Mobile manufacturers add essential things when they launch new Os versions. They removed a lot of convenient choices in the latest versions to maintain security and power efficiency. Thus, We can’t listen to the audio-only on Youtube when we play videos in the apps and Browsers. However, you’ve to use the Root method to configure the background process, or you have to buy Youtube Premium. When you want to listen to free Youtube songs, also, you don’t need to drain your battery you can Play Youtube Videos using the below method with the Mobile screen off.

Just like Youtube Premium, Youtube has a separate platform called Youtube Red for audio. Now they combined these two into one. But, In some areas or regions, Youtube Red is still available. Youtube Premium is amazing in a lot of ways. You can see exclusive content. This method will be quite useful when you are working and want to listen to the songs. We can say this is the easiest way where you don’t want to view your mobile screen but want to hear the audio like audiobooks. Below I will elaborate on how to do this without using third-party apps and Root methods.

How to Play Youtube Videos with the Mobile screen off using Simple Setting in Android Mobile Browsers?

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open your mobile browser. Also, you can select any browser- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Step 2:

Then open in your browser. It will open the mobile version of Youtube.

Step 3:

Now, select the three dot-icon on your browser. From here you’ll receive the browser menu. Select “Request Desktop Site.” It will trigger the Desktop version of Youtube.

Step 4:

Play your most favorite video. Without pause or stop, hit the home button on your mobile. If you didn’t have physical keys, Use Gestures to return home.

Step 5:

You can also view the Video playing notification in the Notification bar if it paused, hit play again.

Step 6:

Now it will play the audio even if you lock and off the screen. If you want to stop the sound, Unlock your mobile. Also, swipe the notification bar and press pause. Swipe right in the Audio control notification to close the video. Without pausing, you can’t close the video.

That’s all. Now, we played the Youtube video on our mobile at a screen off stage.

Play Youtube Videos in the Background on iOS(iPhones and iPads)

Follow the steps carefully:

Step 1:

Firstly, install multiple browsers (Google Chrome, Opera) except the Safari browser.

Step 2:

Here, you open in your browser. Once you open, it’ll open the mobile version of Youtube.

Step 3:

Now play your favorite video. Just stay in the browser and don’t close the browser.

Step 4:

Make sure, the closing of the browser and opening another app will close the Youtube video. So, don’t do that.

Step 5:

Now swipe to the music player and choose “Play on Audio controls.” That’s all! Now the video will play in the background like Music player apps even if you off the screen.


Remember, don’t compare Youtube Premium or Youtube Red with this feature. You’ll get what you pay for with much exclusive content. Don’t install or download any third-party apps that support the Audio only Youtube. Many apps can harm your mobile. You know when the app is not in the Play Store. It is not wise to install those apps unless you are familiar with or trust in the app. If we start to install the apps for simple features, we have to install many apps. With the simple tweaks, You can also Play Youtube Videos with the Mobile screen off or Screen lock. Don’t Root your mobile to get these simpler tweaks.

Here’s all about how to Play Youtube with Screen Off. Let us know in the comment section below!

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