How to Install Melon VPN for PC | Unlimited Unblock Free Wifi Proxy VPN

From the outset, VPN Melon for PC has an extremely adolescent and cheerful user interface. To get connected to VPN Melon, you need to tap on the BIG watermelon picture on the primary page or screen. We can perceive any reason why it appeals to understudies and more youthful individuals, however, it gave us some uncertainty about its exhibition as a VPN app.

In any case, in the wake of having tried it for this VPN Melon Review on our Android devices in a wide assortment of use cases over a 3-multi day time frame, we found that VPN usefulness for VPN Melon works precisely like what you would expect—when connected to a VPN server, you can use VPN Melon for Android to sidestep school wifi channels, and to get destinations like Youtube and Twitch, or even mess around like Roblox or Minecraft over your school wi-fi organize.

Getting Melon VPN profile installed and to work is likewise straight forward and straightforward. To start with, you have to download the VPN Melon for Android app, and afterward use it to install a VPN profile on your Android device. This is a stage you need to perform only ONCE with VPN Melon, which is the equivalent and with most VPNs for Android phones out there. Subsequent to getting the VPN profile stacked (or installed) onto your Android phone, you simply need to open the VPN Melon app once more, and tap on the connect button to get connected.

Install Melon VPN for PC running Windows and Mac:

Grab Bluestacks from the Link. Download it, it might take a few moments because of the size. Install it following the on-screen instructions. If you already have an Android Emulator installed, skip this step.

  1. Use any G-mail ID to configure and start the Emulator.
  2. Then Open Play Store and Search for Melon VPN
  3. Click on the very first app.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Wait for it to be downloaded and installed.
  6. Navigate to the home screen/app drawer and locate the app icon there.
  7. Click on that icon to start using the app.
  8. Enjoy!


Hello, we comprehend that VPN Melon is a free, promotion upheld app. Tragically the developers of VPN Melon has chosen to slap. In excess of a couple of advertisements at different touch indicates before being capable connect to VPN. This is something about VPN Melon that we believe is a tremendous drawback to using the Android VPN.

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