How to Fix – One AirPods Stop Working

One AirPods Stop Working: If you’re listening to your most favorite tunes and sudden no sound is coming through one of your AirPods. Great, now what?

Here are some steps to reset your AirPods and get that one working again.

Charge and try again

The very first thing you should try would be to put them back in the case and ensure that they are charged. However, you can also take them out of the case and try again. This resolves the problem most of the time, so it should be your first step.

Reset your AirPods

While putting them back in the case and trying again doesn’t work. However, you can also try to reset them. Just follow these steps carefully.

Step 1:

Initially put both of your AirPods in their charging case. However, if both AirPods seems to charge just fine, continue with the steps below. Also, if the AirPod is not charging, you might need more help from Apple Support.

Step 2:

After charging, if one AirPod still isn’t playing audio, then get your iPhone and move to Settings > Bluetooth.

Step 3:

Click the Info icon (small letter “i”) next to your AirPods.

Step 4:

Choose to Forget This Device and confirm the action.

Step 5:

Put your AirPods back in their charging case using the lid closed. Then wait about 30 seconds, and open the lid.

Step 6:

Hit and hold the setup button until you view the white flashing light.

Step 7:

Also, using the AirPods still in the case, hold them near your device and attach them using the onscreen prompts.


Here’s all about “One Airpods Stop Working Fix”. Have you run into any issues like this with your AirPods? Did you finish having to contact Apple directly for assistance? Let us know in the comments section below!

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