How To Fix iPad Not Charging Issue When Plugged Into PC

Are you wondering to fix the iPad not charging issue? You might note that the iPad can be charged not only with the iPad charger, but also you charge with an iPhone charger, or by plugging an iPad to a PC via USB cable to charge. However, all these fixes will charge an iPad battery. Some are slower than others. But certainly, you might face an error message with some charging techniques, where the iPad says it is “Not Charging”. The “Not charging” text usually displays up when the iPad is plugged into a PC via USB, but certainly it will display up when connected into an iPhone charger as well.

While there are lots of reasons an iPad might report it is “Not Charging”. But a specific reason relates to the power source, and thus offers some fixes. But there are some other problems that cause an iPad not to charge as well. So let’s cover the most common causes an iPad will display “not charging” text in the top bar of the device, and what you can do to resolve it.

Wait! Check the iPad Port

Before moving further and tweaking with iPad chargers and power cables. Simply check the iPad charging port for any potential dirt, dust, lint, debris, etc.

Use plastic or wooden toothpick and clear the port under the iPad to remember there’s nothing stuck in there.

This might sound silly, but it’s quite common than you probably think to find some sort of stuff stuck into the lighting port under the iPad. Specifically, if the iPad puts into bags often, or used by kids. Obstruction like food particles plays dough, a grain of rice, dirt, rocks. etc. You’d be amazed at the strange things that can end up stuck into the little charging ports which secure the thing from charging at all. So remember you check it and remember it is clear of obstruction. Anything that interferes with a connection can secure the device from charging, and while crud secure iPhone from charging more often than it probably on an iPad.

iPad Says “Not Charging” When Plugged Into a PC with USB – Fix

iPad not charging

I frequently view the “Not charging” text on my iPad when it is connected to a specific USB port on a specific Mac. This recommends that provides a USB port isn’t sharing enough power to sufficiently charge the iPad. So rather than being connected in it might continue to run down the battery. Also, the very least can’t charge the battery and simply display the ‘not charging’ message. Two possible fixes to this are as follows:

  • Simply try to connect the charger cable to a different USB port on the PC
  • Try a various USB cable completely*

Important: if the USB cable is damaged alternatively poor, then you get a new USB cable and use that one instead. A broken charging cable is best and must be replaced whenever possible. You can get a Lighting to USB cable from Amazon for a cheap price here.

Try To Connect iPad to the iPad 12w Wall Charger

A fix that almost always fixes the iPad “Not Charging” text. If it relates to power insufficient is connecting the iPad directly into a dedicated iPad 12w charger from the outlet.

Remember you need to use the iPad 12w charger but not a 5w iPhone charger. Because the iPhone charger technically charges the iPad. The charger charge slowly because the power output is dramatically less (5w vs 12w). You might experience that if any background app is running on the iPad while plugged to a 5w iPhone charger, the battery might still drain besides being connected. Just because the charger power output is less than the iPad. So, use the 12w iPad charger, and it should charge just properly.

If you lost the iPad 12w charger you can purchase a new one on Amazon for a cheap price here, some of them are third-party chargers so pay proper attention to who you order from on Amazon.


Here’s all about “Fix iPad Not Charging Issue”. Those three major tricks should resolve your iPad charging issues if you view the “Not charging” text in the top bar of the iPad.  If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Do you know any other method that you think we can’t mention in this article? Comment us below and stay tuned with us! If you still find any issue then ask us!

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