How To Disable Find My iPhone

Want to sell an iPhone? Make sure you disable Find My iPhone or the latest owner will have problems with the tracking service. If that’s what happened to you, you might be wondering: “How can I delete Find My iPhone without the earlier owner”? On the other hand, you probably want to disable the tracking service as you don’t like someone to track you.

If you buy a second-hand iPhone and check that it is still associated with the earlier owner you might face issues with Find My iPhone. However, a feature found in macOS or iOS. The feature turns users to locate missing or lost iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. It can be very difficult to disable Find My iPhone on a device that is associate with an earlier owner – that’s exactly why we suggest that if you are selling an iPhone you turn off Find My iPhone before you do so.

Another major reason you might want to disable Find My iPhone is if you are check that ‘Find my iPhone’ can enable someone to record you.

It’s an essential service if you lose your iPhone because you can use it to add the iPad, iPhone, or Mac after logging on to or using the Find my iPhone app on iPad or iPhone. However, using Find My iPhone you can easily see the location of your mobile on a map, remotely lock it, wipe its contents, or share a text to a lost device.

What’s more?

But if you do like to erase Find My iPhone, either because you are selling the iPhone you don’t want the idea that Apple could track you. Or else you obtained an iPhone that is still associated with someone else’s Find My iPhone. Then luckily it’s quite easy to erase an iPhone or a MacBook, iPad, or iPod touch using Find My iPhone.

How to Turn off Find my iPhone

Assuming it’s Find my iPhone on your own device – rather than someone else’s iPhone  – that you want to turn off, here’s what you need to do.

Disable Find My iPhone

On an iPhone or iPad

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings.

Step 2:

Click on iCloud.

Step 3:

Move down to Find My iPhone. Then click on that.

Step 4:

On the other page click on the switch to disable Find My iPhone.

Step 5:

You want to input the Password or Apple ID to disable Find My iPhone if you don’t have that move to the other section.

Step 6:

Find My iPhone will now be turned on for that iOS device. So you can continue to reset the device to its factory settings. Do this by moving to Settings > General > Reset and Erase All Content and Settings.

On a Mac or MacBook

You can use Find My Mac on MacBook or Mac, and similarly, you might want to disable it before selling or for privacy reasons.

Step 1:

Head over to the System Preferences.

Step 2:

Then tap on iCloud.

Step 3:

Move down to Find My Mac. Tap the box beside that so that there is no mark/checkmark.

Step 4:

Input the Apple ID and Password, if you don’t have that move to the other section.

How to turn off Find my iPhone on someone else’s phone

disable Find My iPhone so I can't be tracked

Find My iPhone is quite an essential service and implemented to discourage the theft of Apple devices. Due to this, you can’t turn off Find My iPhone without a password or Apple ID used to set it up. Also, if you cannot turn off Find My iPhone, you cannot completely restore the iPhone or iPad to its original factory settings.

Because of this you must disable Find My iPhone before selling your mobile. After purchasing an iPhone second-hand and don’t have the password or Apple ID requested by Find My iPhone. Then you want to contact the original owner to retrieve it.

What happens if your previous owner of iPad, iPhone, or Mac is now dead? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to take access to an iPhone in these situations. However, you should call Customer Services who probably be able to help, you might want to show a death certificate but it might be possible to get the device unlocked in these situations.

Can Find My iPhone is able to find me?

Can we use find my iPhone to track someone’s phone? Also, if you input someone else’s Apple ID details to track their mobile they will view an alert on their device?

If someone knows your password or Apple ID they could log on to Find My iPhone on their iPad or iPhone. You can then input your details and locate your mobile. For this reason, if you think someone has your password or Apple ID and you can’t track your whereabouts then you should modify your password. You can’t receive a notification that they have signed onto Find iPhone with your details.

If someone suddenly logs on to your iCloud account through a web browser you will then get a notification.

How to disable Find My iPhone so I can’t be tracked

If you think that someone can track your whereabouts via Find My iPhone you probably want to deactivate it. Here’s how to:

Disable Find My iPhone

Disabling Find My iPhone is quite easy and simple as long as you have the Apple ID and password. Follow these steps to disable Find My iPhone:

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings.

Step 2:

Then click iCloud.

Step 3:

Select Find My iPhone.

Step 4:

Then set Find My iPhone to Off.

Step 5:

Input the Apple ID password for the account listed and click Turn Off.

How to disable Find My iPhone without the Apple ID or password

As we explained earlier, if you don’t have the password or Apple ID or else if it’s you have iPhone – then disabling Find My iPhone can be impossible.

If it’s not your mobile, as we mentioned earlier, you want to request the Apple ID and password from the earlier owner. Also, if you don’t know the original owner, you then find out which email is linked with the Apple ID and then email them and request the password.


Here’s all about “Disable Find My iPhone”. I hope the tips and tricks help you to disable Find My Phone. If you know any other tips or tricks that we can’t covered in this article then share it with us without any hesitation!

For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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