How To Combine Multiple iCloud Calendars into One On Mac

Do you have more than two iCloud calendars that would be best as just one? Or do you want to combine multiple iCloud Calendars? Probably you have one for Home and another one for your Family members that you can turn into one. Also, one for Personal use and another for My Stuff that could easily be one calendar.

You can easily combine iCloud calendars into a single one in the Calendar app on Mac. We’ll discuss with you how.

All You Need To Know

When you combine iCloud calendars, it’ll take all of the events from one, put them into the other, and remove the empty calendar.

Merge or Combine iCloud Calendars on Mac

Firstly, Open the Calendar app on your Mac and then follow these steps carefully to merge iCloud calendars.

Step 1:

Remember your Calendar List is viewable in the sidebar to make sure you choose the right one to merge. However, you can do this by tapping the Calendars button in the toolbar. Also, View > Show Calendar List from the menu bar.

Step 2:

Choose the iCloud calendar that you like to combine into another calendar.

Step 3:

Also, right-tap the calendar name in the Calendar List and select Merge or tap Edit > Merge Calendar from the menu bar and choose the calendar you like to merge into.

Step 4:

You’ll also view a pop-up asking you to confirm. Also, this action will move all events from the chosen calendar to the one you choose from the list and then remove that first calendar. For example, if you pick to merge Personal into My Stuff, all events will transfer to My Stuff and Personal will be erased completely.

Step 5:

Tap Merge to confirm.


Here’s all about “Combine multiple iCloud Calendars”. Combining iCloud calendars that are quite similar in nature can wipe up your Calendar and make you better organized.

Do you have any tips or tricks for the Calendar app on Mac you like to share? If yes, then without much ado, let us know in the comments section below!

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