How to Avoid Spoilers in the Apps on Android

Social networks have turned the word “spoiler” into one of the most feared terms throughout the world. Although spoilers have existed since time immemorial, the appearance of consumption of television series in a massive way has led many of us to fear to enter Facebook or Twitter in the middle of the series season. Or when a premiere of multitudinous cinema appears. Every precaution is low and Spoilers Blocker is a very useful tool so that we do not eat any spoiler in the different apps of our mobile devices.

Avoid Spoilers on Android

We talked to you some time ago about methods to block spoilers on Twitter, but Spoilers Blocker is a much more powerful application that works on all the apps that we have installed on our device. After granting the appropriate permissions, we can select specific topics were to add terms or phrases that we do not want to see in any way. If, for example, we do not want to know anything about the new season of Game of Thrones, then we write all the terms related to it that come to mind.

Once we have activated the theme that we want to avoid, we will only have to choose which apps we want to work on. And after that, we spoil you on the performance of Spoilers Blocker: it works … half. The objective of the app is to create solid color frames on the specific words we have chosen. A feature that we have tested in three different apps with unequal results. While Twitter and Instagram block the terms without problems, Chrome passes it regularly with it and ends up blocking the entire screen without further ado.

Do not forget that Spoilers Blocker has not yet officially left, so it is normal that the app does not work perfectly. But we really like its potential and we believe that it can become a perfect complement for those who do not want to discover any spoiler in their day-to-day. An app with a multitude of customization options so that each user can configure it at will.

[appbox googleplay com.invariantlabs.spoilers compact]

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