How to Add Calendar Event Location

Add Calendar Event Location: You can do many by adding the location to your Calendar event than just view where you need to go. Why you don’t get directions, receive an alert when it’s time to leave, and see your event location plotted on a map? This is not quite handy for you, but for those, you invite to your events too.

Here’s how to add locations to your events in the Calendar app and how to do more with them.

Working with locations in Calendar on Mac

While creating an event in the Calendar app on your Mac. You can also add the location in any view using to set up the even day, week, or month.

Step 1:

Firstly, create your event as you normally would. However, in the Location area of the event window, begin typing the name of the spot.

Step 2:

You should also see suggestions pop up for nearby locations. So just select the one you want.

Step 3:

Immediately, you’ll view your location plotted on a map for your event.

Get Directions to the Event

The map you view for your event location provides a nice overview. However, if you’re familiar with the area. But for accurate directions, just double-tap the pin on the map.  Your Apple Maps app will open directly to a large view of the map. Tap the Directions button at the top and you’ll view how to get to that spot.

Receive An Alert When it’s Time to Leave

Now you know how to get to the location. The Calendar app can alert you when it’s time to leave. The alert is based on your current location, the time of the event, and dreadful conditions.

Step 1:

To allow this alert, open the Calendar app and tap Calendar > Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 2:

Also, choose the Alerts tab.

Step 3:

Check the box for Time to Leave.

Now on the day of the event, you can just continue working on your Mac. Here will view a notification when it’s time for you to wrap things up and get on the road.

Working with Locations in Calendar on iPhone and iPad

Adding a location to an event is quite easy on your iPhone or iPad as it is on your Mac.

Step 1:

Create your event and in the Location area, start entering the name of the spot.

Step 2:

You should view suggestions pop up for nearby locations. Just view the one you want.

Step 3:

After you input all of the details, click Add to save the event.

Get Directions to the Event

When you click to open the event you created. You’ll view a map at the bottom. You can either click the pin on that map or the location address at the top.

Similarly, on Mac, Apple Maps will open you can click Directions to view exactly how to get to the spot.

Receive an alert when it’s time to leave

After creating the event, you’ll view the Alert and Second Alert options. When you add a location to an event, the 2nd Alert automatically populates with Time to Leave. If for some reason it’s not, just tap Second Alert and select that option.


If you and your event use the Calendar app, then the location feature can be a time saver. However, not only can you view a map of the spot but get driving directions and an alert when it’s time to leave. In that way, no one will get lost or be late…hopefully!

Do you have any tips or tricks for using the Calendar app on either Mac or iOS that you would like to share? If so, let us know in the comments section below!

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