How Old is My iPhone – Find the Age of Your iPhone

Are you also an iPhone user? Do you guys know how old your iPhone is? Do you also want to know your iPhone Age? If you are going to see the age of your device, then you have to check out this article. We have shown a few steps, with which you can check how old is my device? Just read this article to know about How Old is My iPhone – Find the Age of Your iPhone.

The reason for knowing the iPhone’s age can actually be different. Just like, if you want to buy a new phone, then you can also check if you can exchange it with your old deviceor not. Or there might be other reasons just like you want to sell this iPhone, or you guys want to know further details of the device as well.

How Old is My iPhone – Find the Age of Your iPhone

In order to check the age of your old device, you guys will first need a serial number of the iPhone you have. So, first, you have to take the serial number from the back of your device. Or just head to settings and then Menu to get the number.

How to get iPhone’s Serial Number?

Before you guys find the age, and get the serial number.

  • First, open your device and just head to Settings.
  • Now, you have to tap on General and then About.
  • There you guys will see the Serial Number. (Get the number)

Getting a serial number is easy, anyone can actually get it. Now, using this number let us check out the age of an iPhone.

There are basically two ways to determine the age of the iPhone. The first way is actually the Apple support page and also the second one is using the free “Chipmunk” service.

Method 1: Use Apple “Check Coverage” Page

Along with the help of the Apple support page, you can also check the warranty status of the iPhone. You can check the age of the device with using the Apple Check Coverage webpage. It is the subdomain of Apple, that basically helps the users in order to check the details of the iPhone. But, in this, you need a serial number.

You have to follow the steps and use Apple Check Coverage to know the age of an iPhone.

  • First of all, get the Serial Number of the device.
  • Now, head to Check Coverage Webpage
  • Then it will ask you to enter iPhone Serial Number.
  • When you entered the serial number, now enter the Code which is actually shown in the box.
  • Just tap on the “Continue” button.

When you tap on continue, a new webpage will be opened. There you will get all the iPhone details just like support and warranty period. Along with warranty time, you can see the expiry date. With this date, you guys can get the exact age of your iPhone.

Method 2: Use the “Chipmunk” online tool

You guys can’t see the expiration date if your iPhone is older than one year. So, in this situation, you can use the Chipmunk tool as well. This tool offers a free service that also helps you in order to find out some technical data of your device.

  • First, you have to open the Chipmunk tool on your device.
  • Now, just enter the Serial Number of your device
  • Then you need to tap on Show the Information
  • A new page will then be opened, where you guys can see the exact age of your device.
  • It will basically show you the details of Production week and Production year

So, this is how you guys can know the exact age of your device. You have to use these two methods and check how old is my iPhone? We also hope this article was helpful to you.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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