Guide on How to add captions or subtitles in iMovie on Mac

If you’re developing a movie or video that calls for subtitles for some other language, captions for narration, or commands for an instructional, you can do that in iMovie on Mac effortlessly. While there isn’t currently a reputable subtitle or caption characteristic, it could nevertheless be finished the use of the Titles alternatives.

In this academic, we’ll display you the way to upload subtitles or captions in iMovie to your Mac.

Adding a subtitle or caption in iMovie on Mac

Open iMovie on your Mac to the assignment you need to use subtitles or captions in after which follow these steps.

1) Select the clip in your Timeline wherein you need to insert the text.

2) Click Titles within the Browser at the top.

3) Choose a style for the name. You’ll likely want one which sits at the lowest of the screen like those classified Lower, Lower Third or Reveals Lower Third.

To see how one will look earlier than deciding on it, simply flow your cursor over it from left to right and also you’ll see it’s preview in the Viewer.

4) With your clip decided on inside the Timeline, you may double-click the name you pick to feature it. Alternatively, you could drag an identity to the Timeline and drop it at the clip.

5) Go as much as the Viewer where you spot the text field for the name and input your own textual content.

Adjusting and adding more subtitles or captions

Once you upload a Title to use as your subtitle and caption, you could want to regulate its period. And you in all likelihood want to add more subtitles or captions for a single clip.

For example, if your clip is one minute long but you want 5 subtitles inside that one-minute clip, you could do that just as without difficulty.

Adjusting the length

You can duration or shorten how lengthy the textual content seems on the display a couple of different ways. Select the name clip inside the Timeline and then do one of the following:

    • Drag considered one of the edges to prolong or shorten it. You’ll see the duration exchange as you try this.
    • Click the Clip Information (small letter “i”) button above the Viewer and input some of the seconds in the Duration

Changing the text patterns

You can change the font fashion, length, coloration, format, and alignment of the text in your subtitle or caption too. Click the Title clip in your Timeline after which click the Title Settings button above the Viewer.

You’ll then see all the options you have to adjust your text throughout the top of the Viewer.

Adding extra subtitles or captions

If you want to add extra subtitles or captions, observe the identical steps above with the aid of double-clicking or dragging and dropping a Title onto the clip inside the Timeline.

You can click and drag to transport those Title clips in which you want them. So you may easily have numerous connections to at least one clip.


Adding subtitles or captions to your films, videos, snapshots, and different iMovie projects are straightforward with the Titles function. Hopefully down the road, Apple will create a respectable feature for including these forms of text elements. But inside the period in-between, using titles works!

Are you developing a mission in iMovie that would gain from subtitles or captions? If so, hopefully, this tutorial will assist your introduction to be a successful one! Let us recognize in the comments under or hit us up on Twitter!

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