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Among the many new features presented on the first day of Google I / O, the renewal of Google News has been one of the important points of the session. This reborn tool has been merged with the old Google Play Newsstand and now has a handful of new features. Although it has already appeared in several countries, you can now download it from techverses without any geographical restriction problem.

The death of Google Reader left us all with an important gap. It has rained a lot since then and we can not complain about the number of alternatives to read RSS. But time has shown that feed readers continue to have a major importance and Google has taken note. Well, in its own way, since you can not say that Google News is an ordinary RSS reader, but it is the means by which the California company wants the news to reach us.

Google News 5.0

Google News is presented in an interface of the cleanest in which we will navigate through different tabs to get news of all kinds. The first screen that we will see, named “For you”, will give us 5 current and personalized articles according to our profile on Google. We can access this content with just click on the news in question, something that we will repeat in the rest of the sections of the app as the “Titulares” tab where we will see the most outstanding new ones of the day in the common themes: local, international news, business, technology, entertainment …

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The interesting thing about all the content shown is that we can see a summary that combines text and animation in the style of Twitter Moments before entering the article. In addition to this content customized by Google, we can also choose different topics and news sources about which we want to be informed. By clicking on these categories we will enter a complete feed with all kinds of articles on these specific topics.

The face wash that Google News has received does not stop at the aesthetic, but it has also evolved its insides: it uses AI technology to offer us a better experience. In addition, the content of Google Play Newsstand has not disappeared since the last tab of the new app has the Kiosk waiting for us.

Google News 5.0 Apk | Size: 12MB

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