Google is already testing Android 10 Q on smartphones

It’s not worth joking about the fact that almost no one has upgraded to Android 9 – upgrading to the “dozens” will be easy and fast. In the popular Geekbench benchmark, a smartphone with an installed operating system called Android Q appeared – most likely, Google is testing a new version of Android. Apparently, the developers are checking any of the alpha assemblies of the updated “green robot”. The benchmark recorded that Android Q is installed on the Pixel 3 XL smartphone – this is evident not only by the device name but also by its technical characteristics.

Apparently, engineers from Google are already in full swing working on the upcoming major update of the branded mobile operating system. However, it seems that development is happening at the initial stage – there is not a single leak on the network regarding the features of Android Q.

Android Q

The only thing is known is that in the future “green robot” annoying notification will pop up when launching applications for older versions of the operating system (which do not use modern API). It will notify users to require game developers to update their creations. A similar message is on Android 9 Pie, but it affects very old applications, and the notification in Android 10 Q will “swear” on utilities that do not use the Android 6.0 Marshmallow API and newer versions of the operating system.


We can safely assume that the upcoming version of the “green robot” will be the most rapidly updated since manufacturers will be able to port it to their smartphones and tablets relatively easily. The fact is that all devices on Android 9 Pie support the Project Treble function – thanks to it, developers do not need to rewrite the drivers for the interaction of components of the gadgets with the operating system after the release of each major update.

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