Gone Home Coming To The Switch On August 23

Gone Home, which was launched for console and computer platform for the first time in 2013, will be presented to Nintendo Switch platform players on the 23rd of this month.

Developed with the Unity gaming engine and decades after the decision to come to the Switch platform will have the first-person camera angles making a construction. It has a single-player style and has 9 different language options. Steam from 24.00 TL as still being renovated with mild to moderate graphics and game content sales continued to be offered as an interface to switch players. We will wait until 2013 to see if it will be able to please the players of the Polygon Switch platform that succeeded in getting 5/5 review points from Polygon and Giant Bomb.

Gone Home

We can say that a rich story is waiting for us if we look at the game’s Switch trailer. The production that is going to re-enter the Switch platform as a tension-packed production is being developed and published by Fullbright. Defined as a short and reconnaissance game, Gone Home will take its place on the Nintendo Switch platform on August 23rd. It is not yet clear how the game will have a price tag on the Switch platform.

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