Ghostbusters World for PC/Windows/Mac – Pokémon GO with Ghosts


Ghostbusters World for PCLead a team of experienced ghost hunters and try to catch all the ghosts and other creatures of a large city. Go in search of ghosts, explore abandoned buildings, find traces and take part in exciting battles. Ghostbusters World for PC – a first-person card action game where you have to hunt for ghosts Players will be able to use the augmented reality mode, which will allow you to move around the city and fight monsters. Use a huge set of tools, traps, as well as weapons, which will help to lure the ghosts and put them in your collection. Challenge players from all over the world and prove in practice who the best ghost hunter is

As we said at the time, a new wave of video games with geolocation and augmented reality is landing in the mobile ecosystem. The recent The Walking Dead: Our World joins now Ghostbusters World, a title endorsed by Sony Pictures with official license of the brand that makes use of the ARcore platform of Google. Or what is the same, take advantage of the slipstream of Pokemon GO with a similar title that adds many details to the original formula. After several months in the testing phase, we can finally download it.

Ghostbusters are at this point an element rooted in popular culture enjoyable for both you and your child. That is the main trick with which the title plays, although at the level of feels is halfway with respect to what Pokemon GO can offer a Nintendo. Here the thing goes to capture 150 ghosts drawn from the movies as well as animated TV series or comics. Over there is Moquete, the man from Malvadisco or the spectrum of the library to remind us that we are still children.

Much like Pokemon Go:

The basics are there, kick our environment in search of spectra that we can capture with our proton backpack. The minigame to get it is something more elaborate than launching the Pokeball. Here we will have to reduce the life of the enemy by dragging him with our weapon to the monster trap. In addition to lowering his life to weaken it, we can shake him on the stage, as well as avoid his attacks and even give them back to him. Satisfactory is, of course.

A much more varied development

Here there are no gyms, but dimensional doors to the ghostly dimension. Monsters will come out of them, but they will also serve as a gateway to face the creatures we capture against those of other players. There the collecting of bugs really makes sense, since we can face our team of four creatures in various challenges like the PvP or the own missions of the story mode in a sort of SRPG by turns.

At a certain point, we will unlock the story mode where we will be involved in various wrongs during our journey to become a new ‘official’ Ghostbuster. Much of the narrative is created by Erik Burnham, an IDW scriptwriter who has worked on both Ghostbusters’ own contemporary comics and other long-standing 1980s licenses such as Back to the Future or The Ninja Turtles.

Ghostbusters World for PC

Obtain Resources to Survive:

The fact is that not everything will be hunting monsters. With the obtained resources we will be able to acquire improvements for our equipment, be it more power for the tractor beam or additional protection for our suit. Later we can buy new weapons with more power or cooldown time.

Do not beat around the bush, Ghostbusters World is a better and more complete game than Pokemon GO, another thing is that a third ghost that appears in four pages of a tertiary comic tries to compete with a Charmander. There already enters the nostalgic factor when it comes to devoting a good handful of hours to the search and capture of ectoplasmic beings.


  • An unusual combination of several genres of games
  • Large selection of traps and weapons
  • Real-Time Arena Battles
  • Using Augmented Reality

Steps to Play Ghostbusters World for PC

To play Download Ghostbusters World on PC you need to download the game on your computer. Maybe through an APK, and an emulator.

Download Ghostbusters World – Download / APK

There are two download options:

  • PlayStore / App Store: If you are already in your country, You can download it directly from any of the two platforms. Although if it is to play on PC, you must do so by accessing it from the emulator of your choice.
  • APK: Here you can see how to Download Ghostbusters World APK and from where. The only thing is that now you will have to download it to your PC or computer.

In case you do not know which emulator to choose, we give you some recommendations and we explain what you have to do with it.

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How to Download Ghostbusters World for PC on Windows an Mac

[appbox googleplay com.ftt.gbworld.aos]

Step 1: To use Download Ghostbusters World for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3 or the Bluestacks 4

Step 2: Configure the Emulator following the instructions on the screen. Enter a valid G-mail account and make sure you have access to it.

Step 3: Once everything is settled, then open Play Store in Emulator and tap Ok or continue to reach the interface.

Step 4: Click the Search-bar and type Download Ghostbusters World. Since it is available globally, you’ll get the results.

Step 5: Tap on Install and wait.

Step 6: After the downloading, you’ll see the app icon on the Home Screen.

Step 7: Click on it and start playing Download Ghostbusters World for PC.

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