How to Install GarageBand for Windows and Mac

Garageband is a famous music application available on iOS OS.  If you are looking for how you can download and Install Garageband for PC Windows 7/8/10, then you should read this article. Just read this article to know all about How to Install GarageBand for Windows and Mac.

GarageBand for Windows Introduction

Garage band is your one-stop-shop for all song production-related ventures actually. One can record their voice, tune it add effects via various instruments, and also create a complete song.

The app also supports learning features where beginners can also learn how you can play instruments from the application. There are a plethora of in-built effects that could use in a 24-bit audio interface as well. There are smart controls that are used for adequate mixing and chopping of vocals or blending tunes. Projects can be saved online via iCloud and gain access to any iPhone, iPad, or MAC.

The user interface is really simple, that showcases three panes. Each pane showcases different audio inputs and layers of the track as well. Tweaking them based on the effects alters the final output of the audio track as well. You guys can also tweak the effects in order to create newer effects.

With many online courses on how to use the application, becoming a professional in using it takes no time actually. Unfortunately, the application is only available in the Apple ecosystem as well. For windows users, the emulators do an excellent job of fulfilling that experience.

Unique Features

  • Acapellas and beats: With this application, you guys will be able to create beats and acapella, mix and match different beats, in order to come up with something unique like Garageband. Most people with YouTube channels use it in order to create unique music for their videos.
  • Incorporate real-life instruments: If you are looking for the best music creating an application, then you won’t go wrong with GarageBand. With it, you can easily incorporate many other real-life instruments such as guitar and drums, and also add bass to your songs. And, what makes this even better is how easy it is to do all of this.
  • Collection of tunes, instruments, beats: GarageBand makes it feasible for folks in order to create music without even using any physical instruments. With different beats and instruments such as percussionists, guitars, and drums available in the software, it is easier to create music as well.
  • Sharing the music: After enabling you to create music, GarageBand also permits you to share it on social media with ease. This is where most famous musicians began. The feedback you get from sharing your creations will push you to do much more, and eventually grow to your dreams as well.
  • Built-in Piano and Guitar lessons: With GarageBand, you get to take things a notch higher via learning how to play guitar and piano from your Windows PC. It’s a feature-packed application that anyone interested in music will find useful as well.
  • DJ style effects: Some of the effects available on this app are: Repeaters, filters, and vinyl scratching as well
  • 9 acoustic and electronic drummers along with their signature sounds.
  • 1000,000+ realistic grooves too
  • On-the-go production as well
  • Remote controllerGarageBand has the functionality of control from your iPhone or iPad too. You guys can remotely control and operate for easier accessibility.

How to Install GarageBand for Windows and Mac

Let me tell you straight right now that there is no official GarageBand for PC that was actually developed. If there were any plans, then I’m pretty sure that it does not yet exist via the time this article went live. So we will go for a workaround in order to make this possible. On that note, we will be using Android emulators actually. And yes, there is no need to worry because this method is pretty much straightforward and easy as installing a regular Windows app.

Click on the button to install the emulators, such as Bluestacks or Nox, and so on “Download”

Install GarageBand for Windows Using Bluestacks


  • First, download and install Bluestacks on your PC through clicking on the link above
  • Now open the emulator app or player on your PC and then in its search bar type Garageband
  • When you find the Garageband app open it and choose “Install”. This will automatically install the Garageband app in the Bluestacks player as well.
  • As soon as the installation of the Garageband is complete, then you can proceed to the Bluestacks player and tap on the Garageband icon to enjoy it.

Install Garageband in macOS

Although, we know that this article is all about installing Garageband on pc, however, it would be a +1 if you knew how you can install it on macOS devices as well.

For this process what you guys have to do is to follow the procedure below,

  • First of all, get your Mac device and open the official app store on that.
  • When opened, tap on the search bar and search for Garageband.
  • Then click on the first icon from the search results.
  • Now press install and the app will be on your pc soon.
  • When installed, then just click on the icon and open the app and start using it.


 Is GarageBand free of cost?

Ans– GB is currently one of the best Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and can also be downloaded for free from the Apple Store. No subscription fee is required in order to access the full version of GarageBand. For users using operating systems other than Apple, you guys can also download it for free along with the help of an iOS emulator on your PC.

Is GarageBand good for beginners?

Ans– The main vision behind developing GB was actually to create a powerful and intuitive DAW. That would not intimidate beginners and first-time users as well. Hence, GarageBand is probably the best application to use if you are just starting on a musical venture actually.

Is it illegal to use GarageBand Loops?

AnsGarageBand permits users to use their audio library royalty-free. This means that GarageBand loops can be used in order to create original compositions and that would be perfectly legal.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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