Fortnite 5.20 Brings Dual-Barrel, Persistent Storm, and FPS Configuration

The release of the next patch with the number 5.20 for Fortnite, and in addition to new content, developers have added several interesting innovations for mobile versions.

The game has a new weapon – a double-barreled weapon, especially formidable in close combat. It can only be epic or legendary.


There is a new mode of Persistent Storm, in which there is no safe zone, and the storm narrows constantly for 15 minutes, so players must constantly monitor the map. It deals 10 damage per second.

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In the iOS version, the fire mode setting screen and the FPS parameter (frames per second) were added, which, in theory, will allow you to go beyond the standard 30 frames. In the interface, the visibility of individual buttons is increased.

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