Facebook is Unstoppable, Revenue Growth 68%, Users 13% in Q1 of 2018

Neither the scandals caused by their way of giving personal data and the theft of Cambridge Analytica users, nor the broken promises by not wanting to implement internationally already limited measures to comply with the GPDR. None of the controversies is being enough for Facebook to stop growing and making money.

The company of the social network has presented this morning the first report of its financial results of the first quarter of the year, and its numbers have not suffered the slightest. Moreover, in these first months, it has managed to gain approximately one million new active daily users in the United States and Canada, countries that have been the hot topic of its privacy scandal where it has reached 185 million daily active users.

Facebook is Unstoppable

Facebook Growth in Q1 2018

Globally, the social network now has more than 2,200 million active monthly users, which represents a 13 percent increase compared to the same period last year. Daily active users are 1,450 million, which also means a growth of 13 percent compared to the first quarter of last year.In terms of numbers, Zuckerberg’s company reported a net income of 4.98 billion dollars, 63% more than exactly one year ago. This has been contributed by the 49% increase in the income generated by its users in the last year, representing a total of 11,960 million dollars.

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Despite facing major challenges, our community and our business started strong in 2018,” Mark Zuckerberg said in the note. “We are taking a broader view of our responsibility and investment to make sure our services are used forever, but we must also continue to create new tools to help people connect, strengthen our communities and bring the world closer.”

Advertising has also stopped growing despite the fact that many of the controversies have focused on the data that Facebook provides to advertisers. The company has announced that the benefits for their ads have grown by 50% over the same period last year, reaching 11,790 million dollars. 91% of the advertising benefits represent the mobile sector, although the social network has not specified the number of users in this medium.

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Zuckerberg can do what he wants

In recent weeks, the media has been talking about Facebook’s problems, how the problem of ‘stolen’ data affected 2.7 million European citizens, and about a large amount of personal information it gets from its users. Zuckerberg even said that most Facebook users should assume that their data has been compromised, and admitted that they even collect data from those who do not have a Facebook account.

All these controversies have even led to the birth of movements such as #DeleteFacebook, which the co-creator of WhatsApp or Elon Musk himself have added by deleting accounts or telling users that they should delete accounts from the social network. But none of this has really served at all, it has only been a background noise that has not really reached foot users who have not stopped coming to the social network.

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Therefore, if this has not made Facebook suffer, there can hardly be other controversies that do so. Zuckerberg has proven that he can do almost anything he wants, since humans have a very bad memory, and although the number of downloads of his app suffered for a few hours after learning about Cambridge Analytica, he quickly recovered. We have Facebook for a while.

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