Epic Games Takes Out The Checkbook With ‘Fortnite’: 100 Million Dollars In Prizes To Enter The Esports

‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ is the game of fashion, the title of which is not stopped talking and a mass phenomenon that does not seem to stop growing. Because Epic Games, the company after its success, has announced that it will provide 100 million dollars for an awards fund in the first year of competitive gaming. Everything a record.

“Since the launch of ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ we have seen the passion for community competition grow and we can not wait to give you the power to fight with the best. In the 2018-2019 season, Epic Games will provide 100,000,000 dollars to finance the prizes of the Fortnite competitions, ” they said in a statement.


100 million dollars in prizes for the first year of competitive game

The mechanics of the game, with player versus player competitions, make it a perfect candidate for electronic sports tournaments. And this huge monetary incentive, an investment within the reach of very few studies, definitely catapult him as a strong aspirant of a sector that moves and will move a lot of money.

From Epic Games have wanted to highlight that despite being supporting the big competition with such a large number, its approach will be different. “We plan to be more inclusive,” they say, “and focus on the fun of playing and watching the game. ” Although, at the moment, the details are saved.

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It is hoped that this different approach is aimed at expanding the potential audience of the title by moving the particular style of ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’, fresher, cheeky and even bold, to the approach of their future competitions. A different way of approaching eSports that can push the phenomenon even more.

What is clear, regardless of the format that takes place in the tournaments, is that the 100 million dollars in prizes put the game at the top of the electronic sports in terms of rewards.

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By offering a better perspective, we can take ‘Dota 2’ as a reference. According to the records of e-Sports Earnings, a portal that collects the prizes of the video game tournaments, the creation of Valve has paid more than 140 million dollars since 2013 in more than 900 turners. Epic Games, for its part, will pay 100 in a single season.

In the coming weeks, we will be able to know more details about the competitive structures and the platforms chosen for their development. We will be attentive to the news.

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