Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Is the Best Puzzle Game on Android

The puzzle games do not stop landing on mobile devices. We probably talk about one of the most prolific genres in the world. You just have to look at our YouTube playlist to witness the amount and variety of them. Empires & Puzzles is becoming one of the most popular games in this lineage thanks to repeating the success formula of Puzzle Quest: turn-based battles in which we will hit enemies through the puzzle.

It would be impossible to list the vast list of Match-3 games on mobile devices. We would lose sanity if we tried such a feat, although luckily Puzzle Quest gave birth to the subgenre of puzzle games with role elements. This path has been traveled many games and in this house, we have already talked about some who have tried to apply a somewhat different form: Darkest Hunter or LightSlinger Heroes to name a couple of examples. Empires & Puzzles does not try to innovate too much and you may find one of its signs of success here.

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

Not all games have to strive to bring something new to the world. It is clear that it is usually one of the features that most attract any experienced player, but often it is good to find products like Empires & Puzzles. A very polished game that is known to dominate the medium and that squeezes its knowledge to the point of satiety.

That is why we will find ourselves joining the usual gems, which are shields here, whose meeting will cause different blows to the enemies according to their color. Nothing new under the sun. But Empires & Puzzles invites us to make these blows every time more deadly thanks to the making of a team of heroes, with the usual gacha system, that we can level up, improve equipment and skills. For more, we will also have an empire in which to create buildings, so there is not a single component of the typical mobile games that end up hooking the crowd.

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Empires & Puzzles has been famous for a year, although officially it has been out for a couple of months. Something that has made him collect awards here and there thanks to this hodgepodge of genres. No doubt this is a quality video game that makes puzzle games go one step further in terms of popularity. Maybe in this house, we prefer games of other characteristics, but nobody can doubt the good work of Small Giant Games with this work.

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