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Do you want to download Windows 11 from DVD or USB? Windows offers a remarkable OS when it’s launch, that is why Microsoft keeps bringing amazing upgrades to it with time. Windows 11 is the latest operating system with lots of notable features in it. As we know everything is easy to access on a desktop screen, Microsoft launched the master of all operating systems. If you like to upgrade your Windows to model 10, then you come to the right place.

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How To Download Windows 11 On PC:

A time comes when you want an instant install on your computer. Also, a situation arises where your computer stops working at all. These situations can certainly lead to bad results. You probably lose all your important work because of these situations.

So it’s important to keep a backup plan if something weird happens like this. So the best way to keep a backup plan is to create an off-chip installation plan. In short, you should make an offline installation drive or disk. However, the drive is referred to as a Bootable drive or disk.

You can easily install Windows using these drives when the OS on the computer gets compromised. The process is not that complicated, it is quite easy or simple.

Tools To Create A Bootable Drive Or Disk:

Bootable Drive Or Disk

If you want to produce a bootable disk, you want a software tool like:

  • Rufus, if you wish to make a bootable USB drive.
  • If you wish to select a bootable DVD option, there are many software programs in the market. Some of them are Power ISO, ImgBurn, WinISO, etc.
  • Windows 11 Product Key.

Windows 11 ISO File

You need tools for creating a bootable disk or USB as per user preference. So, if you want to make a bootable disk or USB, You need an ISO file for Windows 11. Well, an ISO file is an image file that contains the accurate data as it contained on a disc. You can burn this file on an actual USB or DVD if needed for usage.

If you wish to get the original ISO variant of the file, there are lots of sources on the internet. But it is good if you download or install it from the official website. If you like to get the ISO file for your PC, head over to the ISO file link. This link provides different models of Windows 11 available. Just select the one that you like to and as per your system configuration.

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How To Create Your Bootable Drive & DVD Bootable:

Bootable Drive & DVD Bootable

Well, whenever you have all the prerequisites for the bootable drive you should create the disk. Now, it depends on the type of drive you are making, the steps are quite different. Head over to the below sections for creating the drive.

After using the Rufus software, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Connect the USB drive to your computer or laptop.
  • Then run the Rufus software on your computer. From the software home screen, there would be lots of options such as Device, Cluster Size, Partition Scheme, File System, and many others.
  • From the device option, you must ensure that it is the USB that you just connected to the PC.
  • All other options will remain the same rather than the one that says, ‘Create a bootable disk using’.
  • In this option, select the ISO file after tapping the disc icon.
  • Tap on Start.
  • The process takes some time, so you should be careful with it.

DVD Bootable Creation:

If you wish to create a DVD, you must know that it has enough space to hold the entire setup of Windows 11. Just follow the instructions below:

  • To start with, put the DVD into the optical drive of the computer or laptop
  • You can then fire up the ImgBurn software on the computer
  • Following this, select the “ Write image file to disc “ from the required options
  • Now, choose the DVD drive that you have just added in the computers optical drive
  • From the same screen, head over to the source option, then select the Windows 11 ISO file.
  • Tap on Start and wait for a while as it is going to take some.

Once you are done with creating a bootable drive or disk for Windows, you can now install Windows 11 on the computer.

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Steps To Download Windows 11:


After creating a bootable drive or disk, let’s move into the process of installing Windows 11 on your computer.

  • At first, restart your PC with the bootable drive or disk connected to the computer.
  • When the PC screen displays the manufacturer’s logo, for instance, HP, Dell, or any other, keep hitting F12 or F2. Keep in mind that keys can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • After this, you’ll then view a boot menu on your PC screen. This is a difficult step as you want to modify things a bit here.
  • Select the boot from the disk or USB option here rather than a normal loading procedure.
  • Hit enter after selecting the option of boot from DVD or USB.
  • Then Windows 11 installer will open up.
  • Simply follow the opening of the Windows 11 installer, choose the language as per your preference. Simply tap on next and then on the “ Install Now ‘ option.
  • Then you will view two types of Windows 11 installations, “ Upgrade “ or “ Custom. “
  • Now, if you wish to take everything from your recent Windows, whether it is 7,8 or any other. Simply tap on the upgrade option and follow the other steps.
  • Alternatively, if you wish to install Windows on your computer. Select the Custom installation option.
  • On the other screen, you will then view the disk partitioning. You can then partition the disks as per your requirement. Also, you can use the unassigned disk space after creating a new disk partition.
  • After a complete partitioning of the disk space, tap on next.
  • After this, the computer will take time for moving or copying files along with multiple restarts. Keep in mind that the power is plugged in while the Windows is installing from the DVD or USB.
  • A prompt appears to modify the settings of the computer during installation using your Microsoft account login.
  • Once done, make sure you don’t receive a pop up for Product Key. If it does not ask for it, you are good to go using Windows.

Windows 11 Cons & Pros:

  • System updates for a long time.
  • Virus protection.
  • The control level on the Windows enhanced.
  • Faster operating system
  • Privacy problems
  • Hardware and software compatibility problem.
  • Availability of default apps


The Windows 11 installation is quite an easy or simple process. You want some patience. After installing it on an old machine, it might take some time. Before installing Windows 11 on your computer, you must check your system requirements. In some situations, it can also lead to hardware failure. So you must keep a proper check on your PC configuration before installing Windows 11 on it.

I hope you understand how you can install or download Windows 11. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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