Download VPN Master for PC (Windows & Mac)

VPN Master for PC is one of the VPN products offered by the modern information market. The service offers to connect to one of the locations to get the local IP address. The free mode of use is 1 hour, after which you will either have to buy a license or use another VPN service. This project has a high data exchange rate, during tests it allowed to download a movie for the allotted time.

VPN Master for PC is a unique IP spoofing application to gain access to restricted resources. With this program, the user bypasses the prohibitions on sites by opening pages through other countries. Most states are available in the application, so any lock is not scary. The utility applies to all applications installed on the device. In other words, if you connect to the Netherlands, even Google Play will perceive the data as if the user is in the Netherlands.


  • The application works and weighs little;
  • Covers all device traffic, not just the browser;
  • A large number of countries of connection;
  • Decent speed;
  • The time limit for each session;
  • Lack of technical support;
  • Developer’s greed for evaluation.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide list of states
  • High speed
  • The easiest way to connect to the proxy
  • Notifications in the curtain

How to Download and Install VPN Master for PC

To get this specific VPN app on your PC, you need to install an Android Emulator First. We have compiled a decent list of all the famous Android Emulators. Along with all their features and details, you can look up to the best one for your PC and download it.

  1. After downloading the Android Emulator, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  2. Then you’ll be needing a G-mail ID to complete the Set-up. Since Play Store won’t work without a G-mail ID.
  3. Hence, open Play Store and search for VPN Master.
  4. Click on Install and wait.
  5. Once the wait is over, open the app and click on Connect.
  6. Once the connection is made, surf the web anonymously without any worries.

Final words:

The best VPN! This app has altered the specialty of vnp innovation. I’m from the piece of the existence were once in a while web connectivity is not terrible, but not great either moderate. this app comes in with some tech that is so marvelous and brilliant. it accelerates my moderate web inside a blink of an eye. extremely restricted to no advertisements

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