Download Opera Max for PC (Windows & Mac)

Opera Max for PC is an application capable of compressing all traffic coming to a mobile device. Then redirecting it to Opera servers using Virtual Private Network (VPN). Savings can reach more than 50%, especially if the traffic is associated with graphic content. For example, applications such as VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube and others will show the best result in traffic compression.

The program’s functionality is not overloaded, but there is everything you need to control and monitor the Internet consumption. At the user’s choice, each individual application can disable traffic compression. Even restrict access to the Internet through a mobile network, or even remove the ability to connect to the network. But all of the above is true only for insecure connections, but according to the HTTPS protocol, traffic will not be compressed on Opera servers. If the smartphone works as an access point, Opera Max will also not be involved.

Nevertheless, miracles do not happen and the quality is lost from compression, especially when viewing photos and videos. Text content remains unchanged. Unfortunately, saving twice will fail. The program has a restriction on compressing compressed data, so if Chrome or the Opera browser are already doing this, then Max will stand aside.

For Wi-Fi and mobile transmission, you can choose the degree of savings. Separately for photos, videos, and music, there are 4 positions: high, medium, low and off. Thanks to this, the user himself can determine what and how to compress.

Opera Max for PC is an example of a useful and useful application designed to help people. Indeed, in addition to saving money, the nominal speed of Internet access is increasing. Which is especially true in Russia, where even 3G manages to slow down.

How Opera Max Works?

When you have time on your Opera Max clock? The information that arrives at your phone goes through our investment funds cloud. Which packs pictures and recordings and ingests the information you needn’t bother with. To get more time, you need:

When you first tap the Opera Max savings button, you’ll get six hours of information data savings. When you’re coming up short on schedule, you’ll get a notification, and after that, you can include more by tapping the data savings button once more.

How to Download Opera Max for PC (Windows & Mac)

Opera Max only runs on Android devices. Thus it only runs on supported Android emulator if be used on PC. For this, we have isolated the best Android Emulators for your ease. Follow the link and choose the best suited for your PC. Then proceed below!

  1. Assuming that you have downloaded and Emulator. We suggest following the on-screen instructions to install that Emulator.
  2. Then with the help of an Active G-mail ID, you can complete the set-up. Since no Apk is used in this process, we are bound to Play Store. And we all know that Play Store won’t start without a G-mail ID.
  3. Once everything is done, open Play Store and Search for Opera Max.
  4. If the result is displayed, click on the Install button.
  5. It will take some time, you can look around as you wait.
  6. Once done, navigate to the Home Screen. You’ll see a new Opera Icon on it.
  7. Click on it and watch how your entire space is automatically managed for you.
  8. You can switch to the manual mode if you don’t like the automated process.
  9. Enjoy!

Our Opinion:

Opera Max for PC is an app that gives you a chance to spare impressively on the number of megabytes on your Android device’s information plan using a basic methodology that naturally packs all recordings and pictures that you see (while using 3G) to around a large portion of their size. Another component of Opera Max is app observing. On account of this component, users can discover whenever how much information each app installed on their Android device is devouring and can likewise, obviously, remove any app that is using more than its offer.

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