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Download Google PlayGround Apk: With this guide, you got Google Playground AR stickers for your non-Pixel smartphone. Google also announced a rebranding of its augmented reality stickers feature. Now the playground will exist as a special mode within the Pixel camera. it will also be using different algorithms, suggest the latest AR animations to fit the scene you’re in. Also, Google is launching four new packs of these AR animations and calling them “Playmoji.”

Initially announced last fall as AR Stickers, these virtual animations were quite similar to the filters and lenses that Snapchat popularized a few years back. But a major difference is that these are completely in 3D and are position with a much smarter sense of spatial and object recognition. Also, Special thanks to Google’s advances in artificial intelligence. Google launched Strangers Things stickers, also a pack for Star Wars during The Last Jedi theatrical run late last year. Now you can have them on your non-pixel devices.

In the latest Playmoji packs, Google also lets you choose from a selection of cartoony pets, visual and interactive signs, comic strip-style sports animations, and anthropomorphic weather effects. They are now available in Non-Pixel devices.

Download Google Playground APK for Non-Pixel Devices

Download the entire Google Playground APK with all the AR stickers from the link below:

File: Playground_All_Pack_V1.8build-2.1.181127086.apk
Size: 467.8MB

How to install Google Playground APK for Non-Pixel Devices

Follow the step below to install the APK file:

Step 1:

Firstly, download the Google Playground APK file:

File: Playground_All_Pack_V1.8build-2.1.181127086.apk
Size: 467.8MB

Step 2:

After downloading, locate the APK you just downloaded on your phone and also open it to install it.

Step 3:

If you are downloading an APK directly for the very first time, a notification enables the “Unknown Source” setting.

Step 4:

After enabling, click on the install button at the bottom right.

Step 5:

Once the installation is complete, the wizard will show the following status. Click on Open to go straight to the app or on Done to close the wizard and manually begin the app from its shortcut.

All done!


Now installed the Google Playground on your non-pixel device. Share your experience with us in a comment section below.

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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