Download Fortnite Apk on Android – Latest Version 5.2.0-4268994-Android

About the Game:

Download Fortnite Apk on Android. Fortnite Battle Royale offers us to fight multiplayer online battles where 100 players will participate in fierce survival fights until only one winner remains. It is an adaptation for mobile devices of the game of Epic Games in which both the stage and the game system remain totally intact.

The main novelty with respect to other Battle Royale is the possibility of building buildings in the game territory to use them as a cover, so, in addition to looking for weapons and monitor our backs, we will have to craft raw materials to build walls and ramps. In addition, we will have to deal with the invisible barrier that narrows every few minutes and forces us to keep moving constantly.

Fortnite Mobile Apk

Android Version:

The Android version of Fortnite uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine, so visually it remains practically the same as the PC and console version. Even the business model is the same, being the game totally free except for some aesthetic improvements that we can acquire through in-app purchases. In fact, since Epic Games have promised crossplay between versions, so we can participate in PvP battles between PC users, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most successful games of 2018, and its Android version does nothing but increases the massive tracking of the game around the world.

Yes, the Apk is now available:

Fortnite Apk on Android has leaked, allowing some players to play the game on their Android devices before it is officially released. Fortnite on Android was a long-awaited launch after the version of the popular battle piano on iOS devices appeared in 2018.

Epic Games confirmed that it would come to Android this summer, but then everything went a little quiet, leaving Android users scrambling any information they could have when they could get their hands on it. This long wait time may have led to some impatience, and thus users are using APK to download Android Fortnite before its release.

Since there are no Android servers yet, this is the only way for Android players to join a live game at the moment. The APK (Android Package Kit) is essentially an installation file used on Android phones to install applications, and the missing versions of unreleased applications are common, but not always secure. Pirated and stolen versions of applications are often released through APK.

Fortnite Apk on Android

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