Download CamScanner for PC (Windows and Mac) – The best Scanner to scan PDF

CamScanner for PC is a useful application that turns the camera of a mobile device into a real scanner. To use the program you need to register in it using email. Alas, the confirmation letter does not arrive at the email box immediately. After the account is still registered, you can start work. The application is a tool that improves the quality of photographs. But the project’s functionality does not end there, because with the help of the program you can convert the created file into PDF format. There is a large number of “improvers.” One of them increases the clarity of the image, the other the contrast. All tools work as they should.

In the settings, you can set the size of the saved page and its orientation landscape or portrait. Not be superfluous and the function of automatic text recognition, through which you can edit the contents of the document. It can also be mailed to oneself by importing it from the application in this way. Using the program is simple, the interface is userfriendly and intuitive. Importing, saving and modifying files is quick. The application does not load the device, which pleases. The authors of the project translated it into Russian with high quality, therefore, mastering the menu and functions takes place in a matter of minutes.

CamScanner perfectly performs the role of a pocket scanner. Yes, such manipulations can be carried out independently, but this will require at least two programs and many hours of free time to find the right settings. Here everything is ready for use and well adapted to the needs of users.

Why Download CamScanner for PC?

This program is designed to manage a large number of documents and will be able to help out private entrepreneurs, businessmen, and employees of public institutions, including teachers. If you download CamScanner for PC, you will receive a unique tool for digitizing documents and translating them into any convenient format. After, send them to other devices and continue to work behind them.

It should be warned that the free version is not devoid of advertising, which in no way affects the access to the functions of the application.


  • Create scans of documents
  • You do not need additional equipment to digitize paper documents. There will be enough camera of the smartphone and the correct picked up angle. Thus, you will be able to make copies of checks, business cards, certificates or individual pages of books.
  • Additional document optimization
  • After you complete the scan, the program will automatically correct inaccuracies, remove blackouts and make taxes the most convenient for reading. If you wish, change the color and resolution in the scans.
  • Easy access to documents stored in internal memory
  • Forgot what folder placed the necessary document? Find it with the OCR tool. To test it, it will be enough to download CamScanner on Android.
  • Register and access shared files
  • To avoid additional trouble in transferring documents from one device to another, use a shared account, which is the link to synchronize files on PCs and mobile gadgets.
  • Share and get ready copies
  • All created scans can be immediately downloaded to the cloud storage, from where they can be sent to fax or print.

How to Install CamScanner for PC:

If you already have downloaded an Android Emulator skip this step. However, if you haven’t downloaded any, follow this link. Once downloaded and installed, follow the steps below.

  1. Use a G-mail ID to set-up the emulator. However, we prefer not to use an old one, hence you need to create a new one.
  2. Once configured, you need to let the emulator settled.
  3. Then open Play Store and search for CamScanner.
  4. Click on Install and wait.
  5. Once the app appears in the App Drawer, you are good to use it as you want.


For someone who is engaged in sharing documents, this app is mana from heaven. Cause they can simply scan a document and share it with anyone. The best part is that it’ll be converted to a PDF file, thus safe and sound. However, they might need a good cam in order to do that. And if you have a webcam on your PC, all your problems are already solved. Especially, if you are among those, who don’t want to use mobile for such tasks. CamScanner for PC is all you need and you can even use it anywhere you want.

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