Disable Launchpad Gesture on Mac – How to

Disable Launchpad Gesture on Mac: Interested in turn off Launchpad on Mac? If you like to disable the Launchpad for some reason or to end accidentally opening Launchpad in MacOS. You can then disable the feature completely.

For some instant background, Launchpad is a feature in MacOS that uncovers a screen of app icons, sort of reminiscent to the appearance of an iPad or iPhone. However, Launchpad can also be accessed by the gesture, F button. Or else opening the Launchpad app from the Applications folder or Dock. The feature is really helpful for some users, whereas others may find it to be less essential. Specifically, if they’re accessing Launchpad using an accidental pinch gesture on a trackpad. Not just this but also clicking on the F4 key, or tapping the app Dock icon.

This guide will display how to disable the Launchpad gesture. Also, delete the Launchpad Dock icon, and turn off remove the Launchpad F button trigger on Mac to disable Launchpad.

How to Disable Launchpad Gesture on Mac

This applies to turn off or disable the Launchpad gesture on all Macs using a Trackpad:

Step 1:

Firstly, pull down the Apple menu and head over to “System Preferences”.

Step 2:

Select “Trackpad” then pick “More Gestures”.

Step 3:

Locate “Launchpad” in the list of gestures and unmark the box next to “Launchpad” to turn off the Launchpad pinch gesture on Mac

Step 4:

Also, Close System Preferences that will disable the Launchpad pinch gesture.

You may also want to erase the Launchpad app icon from the Mac Dock.

How to Remove Launchpad from Mac Dock

Follow the steps to erase launchpad form, Mac Dock:

  • Tap and hold on the Launchpad icon. Also, drag it out of the dock and wait for a few minutes then ‘Remove’ label to appear. Also, drop the Launchpad icon.

The icon will erase Launchpad from the Dock on the Mac.

At last, you may be interested in modifying or erasing the keyboard shortcut for Launchpad on the Mac.

How to Change or Remove Launchpad Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

Follow the steps to modify or remove launchpad keyboard shortcut on ma

Step 1:

At first, Pull down the Apple menu and head over to “System Preferences”.

Step 2:

Move to “Keyboards” and then to “Shortcuts” and select “Launchpad & Dock”.

Step 3:

Unmark the box for “Show Launchpad” to turn it off. Alternatively, tap the keyboard shortcut to set it to something else.

This process should be quite similar to anyone who set a custom keyboard shortcut on Mac besides creating the latest one you’re either disabling or modifying an existing keystroke combination.


Here’s all about “Disable Launchpad Mac”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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