Difference Between Fire TV Stick vs. Fire TV Stick Lite

Fire TV Stick is the Amazon Fire TV Stick that has already received vast popularity in the market. Because of its extraordinary service. Its size is just like the size of a USB. It provides you the best with a consecutive streaming experience.  Amazon announced a few days ago, about launching two more devices.

  • Fire TV Stick 2020,
  • Fire TV Stick Lite

Fire TV Stick 2020 is basically an update of the existing device. On the other hand, Lite is a new launch device. It gets more enhanced features. But both of the devices are different from each other.

Here are a few comparisons between both of the devices. Let’s have a look.

About Fire TV Stick vs. Fire Stick TV Lite:

Both the devices having great similarities and functions in it. But there is a  bit different from each other. The major difference is about the Audio. So here is a detailed comparison between Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite.

  • Different looks in Fire TV stick:

Both of the two devices having similarities in dimension and weight. They also work in exactly the same way.  Its size is almost the USB sized device. That can easily connect with your TV. The  HDMI ports are used for this purpose.  With this external HDMI, the extender is also provided by you. Through which you can easily connect to your TV Stick without using the HDMI port.

  • Streaming Quality:

Streaming quality is one of the most important factors in almost every device. . Fortunately, both the devices provide you the best video streaming quality. These devices provide 1080p Full HD streaming quality. These devices also provide the feature of lofty standard streaming. In the lofty standard streaming HD, HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG provided to users.

  •  Audio Quality:

The major difference between these devices is in the audio. The  TV Stick 2020 provides the feature of Dolby Atoms Audio. And in the Stick Lite comes with Dolby audio. In the  Dolby Atoms, more enhanced audio quality is provided by the users.  It provides you the audio just like the cinema-like experience at your home. They also provide multi-dimensional audio. It gives you crystal clear sound quality audio.

In the TV Stick, Lite provides Dolby Audio, which is a good option for clear audio. But in comparison to the Dolby Atoms, it provides superb sound quality and some features.
  •  Remotes:

Both these devices having remotes possess buttons with similar functionalities.  In Tv Stick 2020 update version, you will see an On/Off power button, Volume Up/Down, and Home buttons. They also provide the  Mute button in the 2020 version.

  • Pricing:

There is a price difference between both devices. This difference is almost $10 between both devices. The  TV Stick 2020  price is  $40. On the other hand  TV, Stick Lite costs  $30.


Both TV Stick  2020 and TV Stick Lite are great devices. While the TV Stick 2020 provides more features as compared to TV stick lite. Both of these devices having the same hardware and the same streaming experience. If you have no pricing issue and you are concerned about the audio then you go with the TV stick 2020.  And if you have a budget issue then you can purchase the TV stick lite.

Hope this article helps you in understanding this topic. If you have any query feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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