Stop Accidentally Deleting Emails in iOS 13 Mail on iPhone

How to Stop Accidentally Deleting Emails in iOS 13 Mail on iPhone? Some iPhone users are finding they are accidentally deleting emails in the Mail app of iOS 13. Instead of replying to them as desired.

This is because the Trash icon to delete emails is located directly next to the reply icon. A change to the Mail app interface that was introduced to the iPhone with iOS 13. Depending on the email account type, that delete email button may be an archive email button. But the location is the same and some users are accidentally archiving emails rather than replying to them as well.

We’ll show you a tip that can help prevent accidentally deleting emails in iOS 13 Mail on iPhone.

How to Stop Accidentally Deleting Emails on iPhone with iOS 13 Mail

  • Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone.
  • Go to “Mail” and scroll down to find “Ask Before Deleting” and turn that to the ON position.



  • Now exit Settings and return to the Mail app.
  • When pressing the delete email button there will be a confirmation that you wish to ‘Trash Message’.


While you can’t change the delete mail / Trash email button icon location, this change should help by forcing a confirmation that you actually want to delete the email.

This particular settings option has been around for a while. It also will ask before Archiving mail in iOS and iPadOS, as well as asking before deleting the email. It has always been a handy feature. But it’s perhaps more useful now than before for some Mail users.

There are many great tips for iOS 13 on iPhone but this particular change seems to be causing email problems for some people.

The new location of the Delete Email button in Mail is a well-reported complaint. Since iOS 13 debuted for iPhone users, including from a variety of celebrities and journalists and the issue was widely publicized on NBCNews. So with all the major media attention, it’s getting it is always possible that Apple will make a change to the delete email button located in a future iOS 13 software update for iPhone. But for now, the Mail delete button stays in place, and enabling “Ask Before Deleting” in Mail settings should put an end to accidentally deleting emails.

Note that the iPad with ipadOS 13 and later is not impacted by the accidental mail deletion issue, because the Trash delete email icon is not located directly next to the Reply button. Nonetheless, iPad users can still turn on this confirmation feature if they’d like too.


Have you accidentally deleted an email in iOS 13 when you intended to reply to the mail message instead? Have you inadvertently archived an email instead of relying on the iPhone with iOS 13? Did making this setting change help you? Let us know your experiences in the comment section below!

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