How To Enable Dark mode on WhatsApp [Root]

With the introduction of Android 10, a system-wide Dark theme was finally launched. Dark mode (DM) not only prevents eye strain in humans, but it also helps to boost the battery life on smartphones.

Google and other smartphone manufacturers might have conceived a dark mode of their own for their brand devices. But some apps still lack functionality. One of the most commonly used apps is WhatsApp. While WhatsApp is yet to announce the feature, we’ve found a workaround that will help you enable DM on the popular messaging app.

How to enable Dark mode on WhatsApp

To go official, WhatsApp seems to be preparing for the global rollout of a dark mode on its messaging app. This is obvious from the fact that WhatsApp now features a string of codes parts of which read “dark mode”. This has led to some users allowing dark mode on their WhatsApp application through a workaround.



Step 1:

Firstly, open Turbo Editor.

Step 2:

Now click on Open a file.

  • A window will load up showing you files in your storage.
Step 3:

Now head over to data/data and locate com.WhatsApp folder.

Step 4:

Now click on the shared_prefs folder.

Step 5:

Open the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file by selecting it.

Step 6:

Now inside the XML file, add the following line

Step 7:

<boolean name=”dark_mode” value=”true” />

Step 8:

Now click on Save and leave the app.

Step 9:

Then open Settings.

Step 10:

Tap on Apps.

Step 11:

Scroll down, locate and select WhatsApp.

Step 12:

Inside the app settings page, click on Force Close.

Step 13:

Now, open WhatsApp.

Step 14:

Now click on the three-dot button at the top right corner.

Step 15:

Click on Settings.

Step 16:

Here you select the Theme option below Account settings.

Step 17:

Click on Dark.

  • After clicking Dark mode will be enabled on your WhatsApp app.
  • Now leave the settings to System Default to trigger dark mode when the system itself is switched to dark mode.

WhatsApp Dark mode should now work on you. In some situations, if it doesn’t work, try repeating the steps mentioned above again. If you are a non-root user, you won’t be able to use Dark Mode on WhatsApp yet. In that case, the best choice is to wait for the feature to be rolled out to you soon via an app update.


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