Create Back-up of your iPhone and iPad – iTunes and Cloud Backup

Having a backup of the phone and information on the phone is a wisdom that everyone should do, stay connected with us to teach you how to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.There are so many people who lose their phone information and we receive many reviews and emails every day for the recovery of the phone, but if you always have a backup of your phone or tablet, there’s no need for recovery.

Backup from iPhone via iCloud

If you do not have a computer and you only need one phone to make a backup, you must use Apple’s iCloud service. There’s plenty of information on 16 GB phones, and with the 5 GB of space that Apple gives you, you can meet your needs, but for more space, Apple will give you $ 50 a month for a 50 GB space.

To activate the Apple Cloud Computing service (iCloud), go through the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings, see your name at the top of the page, touch this option, then go to iCloud and after that iCloud Backup.
  2. Touch iCloud Backup to get green.
  3. If you want to back up now, tap Backup Now.
  4. In this case, iCloud back up your important files, such as account information, documents, contacts and more.  It starts and automatically back up when the iOS device is locked, charging, or connected to Wi-Fi.

**Back up to iCloud is easy, it does not require a computer, and, in general, you do not do anything and automatically performs a backup.

**It also automatically retrieves information when the phone is replaced by placing the Apple ID on the new phone.

Create Back-up of your iPhone and iPad

Backup from the iPhone via iTunes

Backing up to iTunes is one of the best ways to get a backup of your iPhone or iPad. In this way, you will fully back up all the information, such as games and programs, songs and more. . .

In this way, you need to have your computer back and the iTunes app is installed on it.

Create Back-up of your iPhone and iPad

Follow the steps below to back up iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer via cable.
  2. Open the iTunes application (it may open automatically when the phone is connected).
  3. Unlock your phone.
  4. A message appears on the screen, touch Trust.
  5. After opening the Trust app, click on the small icon in the upper left corner, and at the top of the application
  6. Get Backup (Backup & # 8211; Backup) from iPhone, iPad, iPod – What’s Back?
  7. In the Backups section, click This computer.
  8. Click Back Up Now to back up the device.
  9. Go to iTunes> Preferences> Devices after completing the backup to check your backup file. The Preferences option is in the Edit menu.
  10. You can enable the Automatically sync option when the iPhone is connected so that it automatically downloads the device every time you connect your device to a computer.

**You can also turn on Wi-Fi by activating the option Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi, but in this way, your computer and phone must be connected to a modem, and at the same time, the computer and the phone on the iTunes screen. Be running.

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