Civilization VI will be released on the Nintendo Switch in mid-November

Happy owners of the Nintendo Switch console will get a well-known turn-based strategy right away with four additions. Developers Sid Maier’s Civilization VI announced the release of the game on the Nintendo Switch. Its release on this console will take place on November 16, 2018. The version of the game for the console from Nintendo will include four additions.

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy from the popular Civilization series. As in its predecessors, the player will develop his small settlement to a huge empire capable of subordinating the entire planet. This can be achieved in several ways: in addition to the war with opponents (artificial intelligence), players need to maintain diplomatic relations with their allies. Among other things, people need to develop and improve their settlement (in the future, the state, and the empire) so that residents can live in comfortable conditions.

Civilization VI

Games for Nintendo Switch includes the following additional scenarios and civilizations that were not available in the basic version of Civilization VI:

  • Scenarios for the Vikings.
  • Polish civilization and its scenarios.
  • Australian civilization and its scenarios.
  • Persian and Macedonian civilizations and their scenarios.

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Most likely, the game for the Japanese console will be paid. The only platform on which Civilization VI is available for free (but with in-game purchases) is iOS.

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