Chromecast 3 will show on October 9, an accessory is already selling

In the third generation, most likely, there will be no big innovations, but the emergence of a Bluetooth-module for accessories. The latest leaks say that Google does not control its retail partners at all, which last time sold to the reseller a small batch of Pixel 3 smartphones, and now the third generation of the Chromecast dongle is also in the same way.

The user of the Reddit forum published a photo of the box and the most accessory Chromecast 3, which was allegedly bought by him in the BestBuy chain of stores. He noted that the device was sold under the name of the old generation, which means that BestBuy simply made a mistake with deliveries. The price of the accessory was $35 – this is the original cost of the previous generation.

Chromecast 3

Unfortunately, the lucky redditor did not announce the availability of the Bluetooth-module in the new generation of mini-set-top boxes for TV sets. Earlier in the rumors, it was mentioned that such a function will appear and will serve to connect headphones, keyboards, and other wireless accessories.


Among the interesting details on the photo, you can see that Chromecast 3 uses a matte plastic instead of glossy, and the Chrome logo is replaced by a large letter “G”. About the software updates of Chromecast 3 is not known, but this device now loses to analogs from Amazon and Roku, which in themselves represent a smart TV system in a small “flash drive”, and Chromecast is just a prefix for transferring content from a phone or tablet to a large screen.

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The official announcement of Chromecast 3 will take place on October 9 at a special event Google.

Via: Theverge

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