Chinese Copies of Car Brands: Tesla Photocopier, Isetta Electric Clone

Xiaopeng Motors was founded by Henry Xia in 2014. I was working in the Research and Development area for Guangzhou Automobile Group when Tesla announced that they were opening their patents ; From then on the ban was opened and the first vehicle market in the world wanted to exploit the possibilities that this offered: make brands such as Tesla or Range Rover affordable products in the midst of electric car fever.

But Tesla is not the only company that has clones in China. Chery, Zotye or Jiangling have already perpetuated shameless copies of well-known premium models, not always at the price of demolition.

Chinese Cars

Tesla and his ‘clones’ in good faith?

The Wired header put on the table in a recent article one of the problems that Tesla faces. And is that each unit sold in China receives the label of the luxury brand and sells for $ 120,000, but China’s generous tax exemption for clean energy vehicles ranging from $ 5,700 to $ 9,800- only applies to local manufacturers.

And in this situation, copies of premium brands at affordable prices are gaining ground.

Chinese Cars

However, the change in the rules of the game will benefit Tesla, who will not see his models so high on tariffs. On the other hand, the door that he left open four years ago, although it does not pose a threat, is generating competitors eager to find a place in the only technology that seems to survive in the automotive sphere: electric batteries.

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On June 12, 2014, Elon Musk announced through a press release that he released all his patents. “Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against any person who, in good faith, wants to use our technology,” he said. The Palo Alto company justified this decision by stating that Tesla’s sole objective is to pave the way for the creation of “convincing” electric vehicles and promote development in this field.

Probably at that time he did not imagine that he would see copies of his products appear, perhaps not exact at an aesthetic level, but at a technological level, so soon.

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